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15 Differences Between a Normal Friend and a Wisconsinite Friend

by Tony Toto Mar 8, 2017


A normal friend will sit in bumper-to-bumper traffic for hours on the highway.
A friend from Wisconsin will make it their mission to drive country and back roads to avoid traffic jams.


A normal friend goes Christmas shopping for presents on Black Friday.
A friend from Wisconsin drives to Milwaukee on Black Friday to wait in line to buy Lakefront Brewery’s Black Friday™ Imperial Stout that’s aged in Bourbon Barrels.


A normal friend will buy a commercial brand syrup-like-substance for cheap.
A friend from Wisconsin will pay $7.00 or more for 100% pure maple syrup that comes in a jar 2-3 times smaller than the cheap commercial wannabe syrup.


A normal friend freaks out at the sight of bugs crawling on the ground.
A friend from Wisconsin says, “Welcome to the great outdoors” when they see a bug.


A normal friend, along with all of their friends will drive separately and meetup at a location for the day’s event.
A friend from Wisconsin tells everyone to meet at the nearest Park ‘n’ Ride so everyone can ride together.


A normal friend watches any football game and chooses a team to support for 60 minutes.
A friend from Wisconsin only cares about the Packers.


A normal friend will play computer and board games on a weekend while munching on chips and other snack foods.
A friend from Wisconsin will climb Devil’s Lake, canoe down a river, attend a festival and go on a hike during a weekend surrounded by beer and bratwurst.


A normal friend will buy processed cheese food slices for their sandwiches.
A friend from Wisconsin will suggest that you come to Wisconsin so they can feed you real cheese.


A normal friend will move south to warmer weather after being fed up with snow, cold and freezing rain.
A friend from Wisconsin will move further north towards Lake Superior and welcome harsher winters with a smile.


A normal friend stays in bed buried under blankets on a sunny, cool crisp late winter / early spring morning.
A friend from Wisconsin gears up, climbs aboard their Harley-Davidson and rides for hours.


A normal friend enjoys clean sheets, a morning shower, a swimming pool, room service and other creature comforts provided by a hotel.
A friend from Wisconsin pitches a tent, rolls out the grill, builds the fire pit, opens the cooler and tosses beers to everyone and would say, “A shower? I’ll take one when I get home.”


A normal friend will tell you how to accomplish a physical task.
A friend from Wisconsin will stand by your side, roll up their sleeves and show you firsthand how to do that physical task to completion. A friend from Wisconsin is not afraid to get their hands dirty.


A normal friend will say “come over” when they want to see you.
A friend from Wisconsin says “come up real quick once.”


A normal friend calls it a drinking fountain.
A friend from Wisconsin calls it a bubbler.


A normal friend wants to know the name of the street and how far away it is before they have to turn.
A friend from Wisconsin wants to know if they have to turn left or right and when exactly they have to perform this maneuver.

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