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15 Things to Be Grateful for if You Live in Rhode Island

Rhode Island
by Hillary Federico Dec 29, 2015

1. This view.

Public access to the shore is in our constitution and, with miles of beautiful coastline, we take that very seriously. The shore in this case includes everything below the high-water line (though there’s a debate about that), which basically goes to show you can’t own the ocean.

2. Coffee milk.

That ish is basically the nectar of the gods.

3. All four seasons.

Sure, our winters may be mild and our summers come with crazy beach traffic, but we’re glad to accept both knowing that the next season is right around the corner. And while it may be beautiful pretty much everywhere in New England with each new season, Rhode Island has the added bonus of having miles of prime coastline at our disposal. Foliage/ snow/ sun + Oceanside views = way, way pretty.

4. Del’s.

Not quite a lemonade but not totally frozen either, this summertime staple is best after it’s melted a little. So next time you stop at the sign of the lemon, ditch the straw, squeeze the sides and slurp with gusto.

5. Mom and pop shops.

Small local businesses sit at the heart of our little state, and it’s not just because we probably know (or are related to) the owners. The variety of shops (ranging from cafes and farm stands to book stores and boutiques) and the quality of what’s being sold are creating jobs and putting money back in locals’ pockets.

6. VJ Day.

It’s basically just another chance to go to the beach, but we’ll take it.

7. Buddy Cianci.

Though the “Prince of Providence” has been known to get himself into some hot water, that hasn’t stopped him from having one of the most famous faces within state lines. He’s been a local radio host, a marinara sauce entrepreneur, and the voice of God in Theatre by the Sea’s rendition of Spamalot. He’s even had an off-Broadway musical based on his life. Oh, and he’ll probably run for mayor of Providence again.

8. You can get anywhere in the state in an hour.

So if we’re driving anywhere more than 15 minutes away, it’s usually done on special occasions.

9. Providence.

Not only is there RISD, Brown and Westminster Street, there’s Federal Hill, which is kind of like other cities’ Little Italys, but better because it has pastiche.

10. A vibrant arts scene.

Girls? Family Guy? Good Will Hunting? All wouldn’t have been possible without RISD folks.

11. Claiborne Pell.

If you’ve been the lucky recipient of a Pell Grant (or any financial aid, for that matter), you can thank this dude.

12. Cumbies.

Hold up, I gotta stop for some gas and a kawfee.

13. One single area code.

When we give people our phone numbers we say seven digits instead of 10. Why waste your time saying those three extra numbers?

14. Honor system farm stand.

Regardless of whoever may (or may not) be looking, you always leave the right amount of cash for whatever veggies, jams, or bread you take.

15. No one wants to leave.

Maybe it’s the beach. Maybe it’s the tight-knit communities. But people born in this little state are pretty keen to remain Rhode Islanders for life. (And why wouldn’t they?).

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