17 Hawaiian Instagrammers Show Us Why Hawaii Is the Most Vibrant Place on Earth

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by Kate Siobhan Mulligan Mar 16, 2015

We all need a little more Hawaii in our newsfeeds. These top-notch Hawaiian Instagrammers capture life, both in and out of the waves, on their diverse and splendid islands. Check them out — your newsfeed will thank us!


A photo posted by @ambermozo on

Amber Mozo is a Hawaiian photographer focused on lifestyle, the outdoors, and travel. She picked up her camera after her father, a widely respected Hawaiian photographer and surfer, passed away, and hasn’t looked back.


A photo posted by Tara Michie (@ladyslider) on

Tara Michie is a Hawaii-based creative motivated by visually pleasing things, inspired by her mom’s vigilant photo-documenting skills as a child and the beauty of living in paradise.


A photo posted by Ha’a Keaulana (@haakeaulana) on

Ha’a Keaulana is a Hawaiian surfer and photographer. Ha’a loves to capture the beautiful surroundings that she sees everyday. She’s just 19, and comes from a long line of surfing royalty.


A photo posted by Zak Noyle (@zaknoyle) on

Zak Noyle is a staff photographer for Surfer magazine. He’s been around the world and back to his native Oahu, and is considered among the best surf photographers in the world.


A photo posted by Jamie O’Brien (@whoisjob) on

Jamie O’Brien, also known as JOB, Jamie is a professional freesurfer, photographer, and videographer. Born and raised on Hawaii, there’s nowhere else he’d rather live.


A photo posted by Kalani Chapman (@kalooneytunes) on

Kalani Chapman is born and raised on the North Shore of Hawaii, and hails from a surfing bloodline. The son of big wave pioneer ‘Owl’ Chapman, Kalani has surfed it all.

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A photo posted by Marc Chambers (@mauimarcc) on

Mike Chambers is a surf photographer and filmer from Maui, Hawaii


Doug Falters is a photographer based on the North Shore of Oahu.


A photo posted by ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀Nainoa Makana Kapono (@threeifbysea) on

Three If By Sea is the account of three brothers — Nainoa, Makana, Kapono — from Hawaii who also travel the world.


Alicia Franco Hawaii-based photographer specializing in underwater imagery.


Anianiku Chong is a Hawaiian photographer born and raised on the Big Island. He is passionate about the beauty of the island, and life underwater.


A photo posted by Amanda Kutaka (@lovekimiko) on

Amanda Kutaka is a 24-year-old wanderer and photographer with a passion for travel and art, hailing from Honolulu.


A photo posted by Always Aloha (@freddybooth) on

Freddy Booth is a photographer born and raised in Hawaii who loves his home so much, he still runs around like an excited tourist.


A photo posted by Juan Oliphant (@juansharks) on

Juan Oliphant is passionate about shark conservation, photography, and marine life. He’s living every day to the fullest at home in Hawaii and on his international travels.


Dallas Nagata is a Maui girl living on Oahu. She’s a freelance photographer, specializing in commercial, editorial, and fine-art photography.


A photo posted by Shutter Force Photography (@shutterforcephoto) on

Shutter Force Photography Instagram is the shared account for Hawaii-based photography duo James and Meagan Brogan, capturing the places and faces of adventure travel in Hawaii and beyond.


A photo posted by @sierralerback on

Seirra Lerback is an 18-year old surfer from Maui, who dreams of being a professional longboarder.

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