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17 Things New Yorkers Are Better at Than Anyone Else

New York
by Alexandra E. Petri Dec 11, 2014
1. Eating

We’ve got the world’s best chefs; we’ve got food trucks; we’ve got eclectic restaurants; we’ve got landmark restaurants; we’ve got halal carts; and we’ve got the dirty water dog. New Yorkers know how to eat well.

2. Ignoring bizarre things on the train or in the street

Like that time a guy just set up a lawn chair in the middle of the train and started reading a newspaper, or that guy who dances around the station at Union Square in nothing but a thong and high heels? We manage to ignore it all, but we also manage to sneakily take the best creep photos of whatever’s going on and send them to our friends.

3. Handling pressure and stress

Saying you’re stressed out in New York is the same as telling people you’re doing just fine. Whether we are trying to catch the train or a bus, or make it to that major meeting with our bosses, New Yorkers are always bound by stress and pressure, and we thrive under it like no other.

4. Jaywalking

There is no such thing as waiting for the light to change to cross the street in New York. You know that old saying, “If you can make it here, you can make it anywhere?” Well, you better know how to jaywalk, otherwise you’ll never make it in New York.

5. Brunching

New Yorkers brunch so hard we turned brunch into a verb.

6. Walking like Olympians

It’s like no one else in this world knows how to walk. Walking in New York (especially when it’s raining and people have umbrellas) is a serious sport, but we know how to get somewhere and get there fast.

7. Making anything we wear look good

New York is a place where you can be anyone you want and wear anything you want any day of the week. There are no boundaries for expression in New York.

8. Staying strong

As big and as diverse as New York City may be, we know how to come together when times are tough. Think of Hurricane Sandy or think of 9/11 — we’ve proven that no matter the struggle we can rise above it.

9. Knowing how to be friendly

It may seem like New Yorkers are always in a rush, and that’s because they are. But stop us and ask us for help or directions, and we’ll gladly help you. It’s all part of that New York State of Mind.

10. Pizza

We know pizza (and we know you need to fold it when you eat it). We get our pizza from NY landmarks like L&B, Di Fara’s, and Grimaldi’s (even though you’d never wait in line for Grimaldi’s). Most importantly: We know not to eat pizza outside of New York.

11. Bagels

Same as above: We know our bagels, and we know not to get them outside of New York.

12. Knowing how to spend money

Fifteen-dollar drinks at a bar? Grabbing a quick cab Uptown? Weekend brunches? Buying everything in Trader Joe’s only to get takeout every night of the week? Yeah, New Yorkers are pretty good at spending too much money.

13. Knowing how to party

We live in a city where bars close at 4am, and more often than not, we’re there ’til the very last call.

14. Knowing how to slip through the subway doors

New Yorkers can throw open subway doors like Superman when they’re rushing to catch the train. There is no standing clear of the closing doors in New York: those train doors don’t close until we say they close.

15. Knowing how to treat celebrities

Celebrities are just like anyone else living in New York. They do their thing, and you do yours.

16. Knowing how to work out

From Soul Cycle to yoga to running in the snow in the dead of winter, New Yorkers stay on their game and stay fit.

17. Loving our city

New Yorkers are known to be a proud breed, and we have every reason to be. New York is the best city in the world. People who dream big, dream big in New York. If you can make it in New York, you can make it anywhere.

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