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19 Signs You Were Born and Raised in Michigan's Upper Peninsula

by Megan Murphy Jul 11, 2016

1. You know how long driving on the Seney stretch really takes.

2. You know who Eino and Toivo are, as well as every adventure they’ve ever been on.

3. You have a copy of Da Yoopers’ album stashed somewhere in your or your parents’ house.

4. And you know all the words to “The Second Week of Deer Camp.”

5. You can quote the entire movie “Escanaba in da Moonlight.”

6. You can correctly pronounce Kitch-iti-kipi.

7. You eat Congress pizza, Ralph’s cudighi or Lawry’s pasties for dinner at least once a week.

8. You love camping at Van Riper, Michigamme or Tourist Park.

9. You don’t know how many times you’ve shouted: “GO CATS, GO CATS, GO CATS GO!”

10. You remember when you rented DVDs from Mr. Movies.

11. Whenever Goofus starts playing his Polka-Cello at Barr’s Bar you know you’re in for a good night.

12. You go tobogganing at Al Quaal in the winter.

13. You walk up and down Third Street at least three times every weekend in the summer.

14. You frequently visit Frosty Treats for a Dirt Sundae.

15. When you drive to work each morning and see the sunrise over the hill by Teal Lake.

16. You know deer and moose sightings make the front page of the Mining Journal.

17. You know very well that everyone knows everyone.

18. You bring out your shorts and tank tops as soon as the temperature hits 40 degrees.

19. When you’ve been away for awhile, nothing makes you happier than pulling into Marquette at 1 a.m. and seeing the lights from the power plant shining.

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