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20 Signs You Learned to Drink in Michigan

by Nicole Wildman Jun 30, 2016

1. You bought your first legal drink in Windsor, Ontario.

2. You’ve watched a couch light on fire at a Michigan State basketball after-party.

3. When you were younger, you went to Dominick’s in Ann Arbor for drinks as soon as the weather warmed up. You had fishbowls and shots at Charley’s then danced the night away at Rick’s.

Now that you’re older, you go to Bill’s Beer Garden, you skip the shots, and you dance at The Ark.

4. You’ve been too drunk to find your way through a corn maze.

5. You remember when you could spend the last week of August partying at Welcome Week before classes started.
Before the MSU and U of M administration caught on.

6. You know you can always buy alcohol nearby at the party store, and you know which ones don’t ask for ID.

7. You’re not interested in visiting any state that doesn’t sell alcohol at its grocery stores.

8. You remember when pregaming off campus with your roommates was a much bigger deal to you than actually going out.
That was before you turned 21.

9. You know that returning your cans and bottles, at 10 cents each, can actually fund an additional party.

10. When the bar closes, the 24-hour diners fill up quickly. So you always plan accordingly.

11. In school, D.A.R.E. taught you about the dangers of substance abuse…
But when you got older, you just started wearing your D.A.R.E. shirts to parties.

12. Your first drinks were cheap 24-packs PBR and flavored Burnett’s Vodka… But you’ve since switched all that out for Founders, Bells, and Traverse City wine.

13. High school parties included beer pong, king, and flip cup, but the older you got, you learned that any game can really be a drinking game.

14. You know how to float down a river and still keep your beer cool.

15. You’re proud that Michigan’s Medical Amnesty Law allows minors to seek medical attention or bring others to receive medical care without fear of legal prosecution.

16. You always a valid reason to drink early: tailgating, holidays, summer, it’s 5 o’ clock somewhere, MSU won, U of M lost, winter is cold…

17. In college, your professors either canceled class or let you out early to get to the bars on St. Patrick’s Day.

18. You know that a trip Up North means camping on a lake, drinking Founder’s by a campfire and hanging out at your friend’s family cottage.

19. After graduation, you moved from bars in college towns to Detroit, Royal Oak, and Ferndale, or just out of state.

20. You’ve been to the Fowling Warehouse in Hamtramck to play a Michigan State University invented drinking game.
(Fowling is obviously a combination of football and bowling, played with alcohol.)

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