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20 Things That Delight a Londoner

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by Susannah Rigg Feb 20, 2015

1. Getting on the tube at Oxford Circus during rush hour and seeing a seat just waiting for you.

2. Or, that rare but beloved impromptu sing-along on the tube…

3. When the sun peaks out of the clouds — stripping off, packing the picnic bag, grabbing your iPod and speakers, and heading to the nearest park to sunbathe.

4. Or equally, donning bobble hats and wellies and heading to a park for snow day! You can’t get to work, but oh yes, you can make it to the park.

5. Listening to Americans pronouncing the names of London landmarks. “No, sorry, I have no idea where Lie-ces-terrr Square is. Lester Square, however, is just behind you.”

6. Seeing yourself mentioned on Commuter Cupid in The Metro… “Tall, beautiful woman reading a book”…Yep, that must be me!

7. Being told you are the first ‘real’ Londoner that someone has met…Oh the pride of being part of that exclusive club!

8. Discussing transport routes. How we love the chance to prove that we know London better than anyone else.

9. Being told by a foreigner that they love London. We love to be loved, especially when the rest of England hates us.

10. Finding that elusive treasure — a newspaper just waiting to be read as you get on the tube. It’s even more of a score if it isn’t one of the free ones, right?

11. Discovering a new cool bar that no one knows about and trying to keep it a secret before everyone finds out, and then when they do discover it, smugly knowing that you found it first.

12. Finding a voucher deal for the restaurant you’re headed to that evening. Well, London is pricey…

13. Discovering that the party you’re going to is just 5 minutes up the road from your flat. No steep cab fare home, just a drunken stumble.

14. When the tube is open all night. Okay, it only happens one night a year, but we love it nonetheless and double check it’s true a few times on the TFL website just to be sure.

15. Finding a flat to rent that we can actually afford, and that is actually nice with normal flatmates.

16. Saying “I’m just going into town” and then realising your ‘town’ is actually a huge, amazing city.

17. Telling someone you’re from London and them saying “Wow, that’s so cool!” You will always shrug humbly but inside you are glowing with pride.

18. Realising you have made it just in time for the last tube…No nasty, 2-hour-long night bus ride for you.

19. The joy of getting off the train in London when you have been away for too long…like a couple of days. or even a few hours.

20. Wandering down the Southbank and looking at the London skyline and feeling so wonderfully at home.

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