26 Little Things You Will Be Nostalgic for When You Leave Boston

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by Isabelle Martin Jun 11, 2015

1. Sipping a cup of coffee at 1369 in Cambridge while listening to two MIT researchers chat about genome sequencing.

2. Emerging from the tunnel in Back Bay and seeing the zany, crooked skyline of oddly-shaped buildings looming over the Pike.

3. Seeing that the swans are back out at the Public Gardens and knowing spring is here.

4. Spotting the Superfans during a C’s game (and partying with them afterwards at the Harp).

5. Jogging through the victory gardens in the Fens while little old men in Crocs and sun hats tend to their flowerbeds with a trowel in one hand and beer in the other.

6. The bite of ice-cold ocean water on the first day of summer at Carson Beach.

7. The smell of a fresh cup of Dunkin’s wafting your way while you’re waiting for the T on a foggy fall morning.

8. Owning at darts at the Plough and Stars in Cambridge.

9. Zipping around the city on a Hubway bike.

10. Listening to an old guy in a ponytail croon along with his guitar at the Downtown Crossing T stop.

11. Nursing a Spring Training IPA at the Cambridge Brewing Company’s outdoor patio on the first slightly warm day of spring.

12. Busting sick moves at 90s night at Common Ground.

13. Biting into an overflowing BBQ seitan sandwich at the Clover Food Lab truck in Longwood.

14. Digging into a giant cannoli from Mike’s Pastry.

15. Furnishing your new apartment on Allston Christmas.

16. Boarding the fast ferry to Provincetown after work and watching the city zoom away behind you.

17. Hearing the clang of the B Line as it finally arrives on a sub-zero January day.

18. Getting all the important holidays off, like St. Patrick’s Day (Evacuation Day) and Marathon Monday (Patriot’s Day).

19. Listening to live music at The Paradise in Allston.

20. Watching tourists drive the wrong way up a one-way (often in an attempt to avoid a Masshole banging a U-ey directly into their car).

21. Wolfing down the most delicious pretzels on earth at the Harpoon Brewery while waiting for a tour to start.

22. The smell of stale beer and dim glow of neon lights at the Beacon Hill Pub.

23. All the bleeding heart liberals.

24. Listening to live fiddle music while sipping an oatmeal stout at the Druid in Inman Square.

25. Hearing the Boston Pops play at the Hatch Shell on the 4th of July while fireworks explode overhead.

26. Gliding over the Charles on the red line while the sun sets over the Boston skyline.

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