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26 Things You'll Never Hear a West Texan Say

by Tanner Saunders Jul 18, 2016

1. “I only fly American.”

2. “I fired my tamale lady.”

3. “Gig ‘Em!”

4. “Luke Bryan makes real country music.”

5. “Today’s a good hair day.”

6. “I really love this wind.”

7. “Whataburger is so overrated.”

8. “Driving from Amarillo to Lubbock is just beautiful.”

9. “Could I get some steak sauce?”

10. “I’ll have a soda.”

11. “Hereford smells like Heaven!”

12. “My favorite color is burnt orange.”

13. “I wish we lived closer to New Mexico.”

14. “No, I’ll have a hot tea.”

15. “You all.”

16. “Tumbleweed dodgeball is my favorite sport.”

17. “Who’s George Strait?”

18. “I sure miss the dirt sticking to my sweaty ass!”

19. “Taco Villa is okay, but Taco Bell is where it’s at.”

20. “Driving in the ice isn’t bad at all.”

21. “That sunset could’ve been better.”

22. “Kliff’s not even that good-looking.”

23. “We should spend more time in Dallas.”

24. “Maybe I should buy a Prius.”

25. “I take all my guests to The Big Texan.”

26. “What’s a Chilton?

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