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31 Things You'll Never Hear Someone From Greenland Say

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by Tina Egede Nov 5, 2015

1. “A trip to Qaanaaq this weekend? Sure, we can afford it!”

2. “There’s a blizzard; I gotta cancel my plans.”

3. “Let’s become vegan!”

4. “It was a quiet and calm end of the month in Nuuk.”

5. “Ugh, another seal for dinner.”

6. “No, I didn’t get to see any Northern Lights last winter.”

7. “Aleqa Hammond? Who’s that?”

8. “Sure, I’ll pay for your fresh vegetables.”

9. “It was so warm, I had to go inside the house to cool down.”

10. “It’s almost too easy to find an apartment to rent.”

11. “Nope, never been to a rock festival.”

12. “I don’t need to learn how to speak Danish.”

13. “Don’t forget your swimsuits and sunblock when you go to the beach.”

14. “Blackberries? What do they taste like?”

15. “The best thing to use when it rains is an umbrella.”

16. “I never use blinds during summer.”

17. “It takes hours and hours to get to the other side of the town.”

18. “What does dried fish taste like?”

19. “We have waaay too many restaurants in town.”

20. “And we definitely have too few bars.”

21. “I love how there’s never delays with flights.”

22. “We’ll win the Island Games this year. I’m sure of it!”

23. “Premier League? No, I don’t know anyone who watches it”

24. “I hate spending summer weekends sailing and cooking out.”

25. “This Greenlandic cake has too many raisins in it.”

26. “And I bake better than my grandmother.”

27. “I’d rather spend Christmas on a beach somewhere warm.”

28. “These kids today, they speak perfect Greenlandic.”

29. “I can use internet on my phone as much as I want to.”

30. “I like how the taxi drivers drive so slowly and are so respectful of other drivers.”

31. “Hunting is outrageous!”

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