1. Can a river catch fire?
  2. Are highways an effective way of advertising religious beliefs?
  3. Is there a difference between “America’s Heartland” and “The Heart of it All”?
  4. What’s hi in the middle and round on both ends?
  5. Is there such a thing as too much corn?
  6. Which state is the Ohio River technically in, Ohio or Kentucky?
  7. Have two states ever fought a war against each other?
  8. Can said war be refought every year in the guise of a football game?
  9. Hasn’t said football war been a bit one sided for the past decade or so?
  10. How do you pronounce “goetta”?
  11. Is there a wrong way to legalize weed?
  12. Could a squirrel jump, never touching the ground, all the way from lake to river, by simply staying on the roofs of urban sprawl?
  13. Is there such thing as too much Presidential election?
  14. Which was the first state on the moon?
  15. Can a modern American state survive by being less of a single coherent state, and more an amalgamation of warring city states?
  16. Has there ever been such thing as a badass marching band?
  17. Would the world maybe be better off if, instead of teaching our kids to mistrust strangers, we taught them to be friendly and say “hi!” instead?
  18. If you love somebody, but don’t really let them go when they try and abandon you to move to Miami, is there any chance they’ll eventually come crawling back to you?
  19. What if all beers were craft beers?
  20. Can chili go on top of spaghetti?
  21. Why is Buffalo Wild Wings colloquially called BW3’s when there are only two W’s in there?
  22. Can a candy based on a poisonous state nut still be delicious?
  23. Where do Presidents come from?
  24. Where does rock ’n’ roll come from?
  25. Where do airplanes come from?
  26. Which poseur, thunder-stealing, best-part-is-a-pile-of-sand of a state incorrectly claims to be where airplanes come from?
  27. How quickly can one go from “friendly midwesterner” to “facepuncher” after their hometown is referred to as “The Mistake on the Lake”?
  28. How easily can a neighborhood Halloween block party turn into a riot?
  29. Is Jesus flammable?
  30. What does it look like when a subway fails?
  31. Which professional football teams were founded by the same man, yet hate each other’s guts?
  32. What’s the only state whose flag isn’t a rectangular shape?
  33. In the song, “Hang On Sloopy,” fill in the lyrics: “HANG ON SLOOPY, SLOOPY HANG ON!/[fill in here: _-_-_-_]/ HANG ON SLOOPY, SLOOPY HANG ON!”