35 Things You’ll Never Hear Spaniards Say

by Ana Bulnes Jul 23, 2015

1. “Why is everyone talking so loud in the bus?”

2. “25 and still living with his parents… what a loser!”

3. “I’m meeting a friend for lunch, it won’t be more than 30 minutes.”

4. “I need some quality entertainment, I’ll turn the TV on.”

5. “A Spanish movie? Nah, I’m not in the mood for an intellectual evening.”

6. “A beer before lunch? Who do you think I am, an alcoholic?”

7. “My friend was supposed to be here 10 minutes ago, I’m a bit worried.”

8. “I have never made fun of people from other parts of Spain.”

9. “Enough with those Julio Iglesias memes!”

10. “Of course I trust politicians!”

11. “Of course I trust banks!”

12. “Of course I trust the EU!”

13. “I just told my boss I won’t be taking any holidays this year, they’re just a waste of time.”

14. “An empty bar? Cool! We’ll be more comfortable here.”

15. “National Lottery spots are so much better now. It was about time they got rid of the bald guy.”

16. “C’mon, we are as civilized as Denmark.”

17. “I love Angela Merkel.”

18. “Tortilla de patatas is overrated”.

19. “Grapes for New Year’s Eve? What a silly idea, a normal countdown is more than enough.”

20. “Jordi Hurtado looks so old.”

21. “There are just not enough movies about the Civil War.”

22. “I don’t think I’ve ever watched a football match.”

23. “What time should we have dinner? Shall I book a table for 8pm?”

24. “Yeah, I quit the job. They expected me to work extra hours for free!”

25. “I don’t know anything about this topic, I’ll just listen to you discuss it.”

26. “Friday night was wild, man. We were out partying until 4am!”

27. “I don’t have an opinion on Catalonia.”

28. “I don’t have an opinion on Podemos.”

29. “It was so uncomfortable when this guy I was meeting for the first time tried to kiss me on the cheeks…”

30. “Mom says it’s ok if I don’t go back for Christmas.”

31. “Mom says it’s ok if we only speak once a month.”

32. “Perfect weather for sandals with socks!”

33. “I’ve just received a certified letter from Hacienda, I’m sure it’s good news.”

34. “Let’s go to this bar where they never give you a free tapa with your drink.”

35. “I won’t fight over those puentes, I’ll let my coworkers take them.”

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