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5 Off-the-Beaten-Path Places in Sardinia

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by Claudia Tavani Sep 29, 2016

1. Capo Ferrato

Capo Ferrato

Muravera, Italy

At about ten minutes drive from Costa Rei, on the south east coast of Sardinia, there’s a small cove tucked away between cliffs and a gorgeous pine forest. It’s a quiet place, where I love going at sunset time to enjoy the silence and the special light.

2. Roccabianca


Sorso, Italy

A few kilometers after Castelsardo, on the way to Sorso, the views open up into seemingly abandoned fields that give in into the bluest Mediterranean waters. With few cars passing, and a footpath to get closer to the beach, this spot in the north of Sardinia is simply picture perfect.

3. Camedda


Ittiri, Italy

Taking the old road that connects Ittiri to Bosa, there’s an area that makes people feel like they have been catapulted into a safari in Africa. Only lions are missing. The place is incredible silent and only a few cars drive by every now and then. Wonderful to get lost there.

4. Parco Archeologico di Suni Nuraghe Nuraddeo

Parco Archeologico Di Suni Nuraghe Nuraddeo

Suni, Italy

Sardinia is packed with Nuraghes, unique archeological sites only found in this region of Italy. Some of them are very famous and receive a high amount of visitors. Others are pretty much unknown but equally beautiful and interesting. I stumbled upon Nuraghe Nuraddeo while on a road trip where I only took secondary roads. I had the place all to myself to enjoy. It was a great find.

5. Cascata di Muru Mannu

Cascata di Muru Mannu

Villacidro, Italy

Not far from the pretty small town Villacidro, located in the Medio Campidano area of Sardinia, these pretty waterfalls are lesser known even to the locals. They are a lovely discovery during a hike.

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