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by Tim Wenger Nov 18, 2015

Denver’s culinary scene is growing as fast as the city itself. Here are six Instagram accounts that are leading the Mile High City’s food charge.

1. Chef Frank Bonnano

Braised short rib & bone marrow ravioli at Luca. Honestly love rolling pasta.

A photo posted by Frank Bonanno (@bonannoconcepts) on

Chef Frank Bonnano has been dominating Denver’s food scene. His portfolio includes Mizuna, Luca, Osteria Marco, Bones, Green Russell, Russell’s Smokehouse, Wednesday’s Pie, Lou’s, Vesper Lounge, and Salt & Grinder, and his Instagram is a constant flow of straight-up mouthwatering epicness.

2. Chef Troy Guard, Tag Restaurant

Chef Troy Guard is all over Denver food. The owner of TAG Restaurant Group is one of the Mile High City’s most celebrated chefs. Troy even has a fan hashtag (#troyguard).

3. Chef Alex Figura, Lower 48 Kitchen

Roasted #delicatasquash Fruition Farm Yogurt #sourcherries #maitakemushrooms #denverfoodie #vegetarian #lower48

A photo posted by Mario Nocifera (@lower48kitchen) on

Chef Alex Figura and the crew at Lower48Kitchen source the majority of their vegetables from local farms and the result is a menu that is representative of the growing food culture in Denver.

4. Chef Gary Dugan

West End Tap House is another local spot that focuses on Colorado produced food and drink. Gary Dugan documents their culinary process in a mouthwatering profile of food images.

5. Grateful Bread Company

Great bread often makes the best meals that much better or puts an already killer sandwich over the top. Head baker Jeff Cleary and his crew have been providing the grains for numerous Denver restaurants since 2005, and one look at their Instagram shows why.

6. MyFab5 Denver

MyFab5 Denver is a solid Instagram account to follow if you want to know where to eat this week. They showcase hip new dishes around town.

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