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6 Spots That Prove Vail Isn't Just a Ski Town

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by Kimble Rawcliffe Oct 25, 2016

Yes, Vail and its surrounding area is one of the top places to ski and board in Colorado, but winter sports aren’t all it has to offer. I’ve been living here for almost five years, here’s where I hang out before the snow falls.

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1. Berry Picker Hike

 Berry Picker HikeVail, United StatesMany people have skied Vail… but not everyone can say they’ve hiked to the top! Berry Picker is the most popular trail in the Vail area thanks to the location, stunning views, and relative ease of the hike. Be ready to pass other hikers – this won’t be a solitary adventure. Enjoy looking down at the town and enjoying the surrounding Gore Range mountains as you make your way about 3 miles to the top. Once at the summit, you’ll find a restaurant, activities, and usually a wedding (or two!) Tired? Take the gondola down … It’s free!! #hiking #playground #activekids #kidslearning #funforteens #vailsummer #active #getoutside #explore

2. Upper Piney Lake Trail

 Upper Piney Lake TrailBond, United StatesUpper Piney Lake is an extremely scenic and well maintained trail. Although it is beautiful all summer, the truly stunning time to visit is in fall as the Aspen’s leave change to a brilliant yellow. This is usually late September. Hike along sprawling fields and through the forest as you near the looming mountains ahead. You’ll come to a river that leads to a magnificent waterfall. This hike is extremely enjoyable, as it doesn’t have a lot of elevation gain. It’s perfect for people of all ages! #hiking #camping #funforteens #kidslearning #activekids #vailsummer

3. Hanging Lake

 Hanging LakeGlenwood Springs, United StatesHanging Lake is a must do if you’re in the Vail area! Take the scenic one our drive west of Vail, and find the Hanging Lake trailhead just minutes off exit 125 from I-70. The hike is short and steep, but extremely well maintained and easy to follow. This is one you’ll have to share with others, since it is very popular. Reaching the natural and geological wonder if hanging lake is worth the effort, it’s crystal clear waters are absolutely stunning. This is one place you truly need #nofilter Please leave your dogs at home – they aren’t allowed in this trail due to the delicate ecological system at the lake.
#hiking #funforteens #activekids #nature #stunning

4. Booth Falls Trailhead

 Booth Falls trailheadVail, United StatesHiking to Booth Falls is an extremely popular activity for Vail summers. The trailhead is conveniently located close to town, 0.9 miles west off I-70’s East Vail exit (180). Parking can fill up fast, but there is an overflow lot down the road at the Vail Mountain School. You can also hop on the free bus which drops you off just 0.2 miles below the trailhead.
Start of with a steep ascent that gradually mellows out. After 2 miles of beautiful scenery, you will arrive at the 60-foot Booth Falls waterfall. Have a snack, take some pictures, and be careful, as the drop off is steep! This hike is perfect for families.
#hiking #funforteens #playground #activekids #kidslearning #camping #vailsummer #vail #colorado

5. Horse Tooth Reservoir

 Horsetooth ReservoirFort Collins, United StatesHorse Tooth Reservoir might be my favorite summer escape in Colorado! Boats zoom by with wakeboard and waterski experts, and hidden coves provide protection for those seeking calmer waters. Party boats float along with everyone stopping to say hi and share some stories (and beers!) enjoy paddle boarding, floating, or just meeting new friends on the water.
#watersports #waterski #horsetooth #boating #cooorado #ftcollins #relax #outdoors #extreme

6. Lost Lake

 Lost LakeVail, United StatesTake the time to walk around the lake for the best views of the surrounding mountains. (Don’t forget the bug spray!) Bring a snack to enjoy at this secluded oasis before heading back. Don’t be afraid to jump in to cool off! #hiking #camping #views #scenery #outdoors #vail #colorado

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