7 Dining Experiences You Can Only Have in Morelia, Mexico

Food + Drink
by Whitney Shindelar Sep 15, 2016

1. Chango


Morelia, Mexico

An old colonial house transformed into a restaurant. The decoration alone is intriguing as each small room in the restaurant, including the rooftop terrace are all very unique. The Mexican cuisine offers an international twist and the cocktails are legit. Enjoy!

2. Tata Mezcalería Cocina de Autor

Tata Mezcalería Cocina de Autor

Morelia, Mexico

Mezcal is a drink made from Agave, as Tequila is, but this agave is a different type (there are more than 200 types of Agave). Also, Tequila production is restricted to 5 states in Mexico whereas Mezcal can be produced anywhere. This Mezcalería specializes in Mezcal-based cocktails and cuisine specifically from Michoacan.

3. Las Trojes

Las trojes

Morelia, Mexico

An incredible restaurant always filled with locals. A reservation is highly recommended! The name “las trojes” refers to traditional cabins that are built without nails. This enables them to be taken apart and rebuilt in a different location whenever needed. Unfortunately, Las Trojes was built using nails, but alas, the food is delicious. Be sure to order a good “tequila derecho con sangrita” (pictured). Their homemade sangrita is the best I’ve found in Mexico! Be sure to try “cecina”, dried beef served with guacamole, and “arrachera marinada”, marinated flank steak.

4. De la Calle Real Museo del Dulce

De la Calle Real Museo del Dulce

Morelia, Mexico

The name is deceiving as its not really a museum, but it is one of the best places to find authentic candies from Morelia and Michoacan. My personal favorite are the tamarind candies with chile!

5. Hotel Los Juaninos

Hotel Los Juaninos

Morelia, Mexico

The top floor of Hotel Los Juaninos offers a casual bar with an outdoor terrace and one of the best views of central Morelia. The experience is as nice in the day as at night with the cathedral lit up. Come on Saturday evenings and sit on the terrace to enjoy the Cathedral’s light show that begins at 8pm.

6. Gaspachos El Güero de la Merced

Gaspachos El Güero de la Merced

Morelia, Mexico

The *original* gaspacho from Morelia. Not the cold tomato soup, but rather diced pineapple, jicama, and mango with lime juice, orange juice, salt, and fresh Mexican cheese. Of course with chili if you like! Fresh, delicious, and only in Morelia! #cheap-eats

7. Restaurante San Miguelito

Restaurante San Miguelito

Morelia, Mexico

Traditionally, when a woman is desperate to get married, she’ll hang Saint Antonio in her house upside down and pray to the Saint to get married. In this restaurant, if you’re still waiting for marriage, request to sit in “el rincon de las solteronas”, the corner of the single women. Here, you will be surrounded by a large statue of Saint Antonio and many mini statuettes hanging upside down from the ceiling. There is a book where you can write your wish. For it to come true, insert a coin and walk a circle around the large statue. Repeat 13 times. June 13 is the day of Saint Antonio, hence the 13 repetitions. Good luck! (Btw: the food is good as well. I recommend Filete Hidalgo!)

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