7 Epic Food Trucks You Have to Try in Salt Lake City

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by Liz Galloway Dec 4, 2015

With over 30 food trucks in the valley, Salt Lake’s crush on street food is close to it’s love of local distilleries and carefully waxed beards. Here are the insider tips to the top seven. See you in line at the next round up of trucks devoted to their fans.

1. Cupbop Korean BBQ

Cupboppers snag a spot in line early for the savory, crunchy, and crispy Asian bowls heaped with perfectly cooked BBQ. You can choose your level of hot, from American spicy, ho hum, to melt your face spicy, wowsa. A family run business with a loyal following, you’ll often see the whole family contributing to Cupbop’s popularity and hilarious owners posting on facebook. Who do you love? Cupbop!

2. Waffle Love

With four trucks in Utah and one in Arizona, the love of these perfectly browned Belgian style waffles has spread. Started on a wing and a prayer, they recently came in runner up on The Great Food Truck Race. Locals can’t get enough of these crazy thick waffles, like the pumpkin flavored seasonal recipe dripping in fruity toppings and sweet cream with a side of nutella.

3. Fat Kid Mac & Cheese

The secret recipe of Chef Kimo’s creamy cheese sauce has created a frenzy around America’s favorite comfort food. Take your mac cheesy and crunchy, or choose one of the several additions to pile on, such as: bacon, veggies, chicken, or potato chips. They also offer a double threat with the West Temple, a kosher dog smothered in fresh mac paired with chunks of crispy bacon. Their weekly schedule now includes a stop at Peterson Family Farms so you can warm up with a hot bowl of mac when picking up your Christmas tree.

4. Papa Doug’s Dogs

Calling all baconators, this traveling dog truck, serves up all flavors of brats, and Kielbasa, piled high with bacon, spicy sauces and jalapenos for the gut wrencher. You can find Papa Dog at local round ups, downtown’s Granary Row and local businesses lucky enough to have them parked outside. Take a side of of sloppy Fritos to go, and get a burst of salty, crunchy satisfaction drowning in Papa’s sloppy joe recipe.

5. Black’s Sliders

You won’t want to share Black’s herb encrusted parmesan fries drizzled in truffle sauce, so get a few to go with your savory sliders. These guys draw a line of groupies wherever they go, willing to hold out for their pulled pork. It’s no surprise since they support independent farms and healthy customers with hormone and antibiotic free meats.

6. Chop City

Chop City tops the sandwich pros with everything good slapped between two buns. Try the most popular items like the BLT, Thai Chicken & The Original Cuban. You can’t go wrong with cheesy potato or cilantro rice sides to add to a sandwich stuffed with pork, cilantro and chimichurri ready for your belly. These down to earth guys also offer up the Poly Plate from their kitchen on wheels, overflowing with a mix of pork, mac and cheese, bacon salad, cole slaw and rice. If that doesn’t fill you up, who knows what will.


Photo: Chop City

7. Chedda Burger

Chedda owner Nick Watts, started his food truck love on twitter five years ago, created success on the road and moved into his very own brick and mortar spot this month. Chedda offers something for everyone, including gluten free buns, and the original chedda burger covered in elbow pasta mac and cheese. Let that drip off your chin.

Photo:  Chedda Burger

Photo: Chedda Burger

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