7 Latin Food Experiences You Need to Have in New Jersey

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by Raquel Guarino Aug 22, 2016

Mexican food in Freehold Borough

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Monmouth County isn’t exactly known for its Latino population, but Freehold Borough’s downtown is THE place to go if you’re jonesing for some authentic Mexican cuisine. Mily’s Cafe packs a punch with its spicy tacos while Bahia de Acapulco has huge tortas and yummy chicken tostadas. The prices can’t be beat, either.

Empanadas from the Empanada Guy

The Empanada Guy’s face is emblazoned on a big, red food truck. If it drives past you, you can’t miss it. Hell, if it drives past you, run after it! You’re going to need to burn some calories before you gorge yourself on some of the best empanadas you’ve ever had. With fillings like beef, chorizo, crab, lobster, pulled pork, guava and cheese, and even apple cinnamon, I can guarantee you’ll be looking like an empanada, too, once you’re done chowing down.

Cuban cuisine at La Isla in Hoboken

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Hoboken is full of tons of fun, hip restaurants, and La Isla is no exception. Don’t let the older exterior of the place fool you—the space may be small, but it’s bursting with Cuban flavor. When you go, be sure to try El Cubano, the pan con bistec, and their ceviche. You won’t be disappointed.

Churrasco in the Ironbound

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Sometimes, you just have to get down and eat meat—a lot of it. When that urge comes, the best thing to do is head to the Ironbound section of Newark, where you can try some of the best Brazilian churrasco in the tri-state area. Some restaurants even offer rodizio, which is basically all-you-can-eat barbecued meat brought continuously to your table until you can’t eat anymore. For some of the best churrasco, try Casa Nova Grill or Brasilia Grill. Be sure to loosen your belt for this one.

Fish tacos at the Mexican Mariachi Grill

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This Hamilton eatery is a quiet, family-owned restaurant in a strip mall. Its quaint, unassuming exterior gives it humility and a cozy feeling. But once you’ve had their fish tacos, you’ll know you’ve entered a whole new level of yum. The fish is extremely fresh, light, with a crunchy coating on the outside. Topped off with some avocado and a little salsa verde, you will never think about fish tacos the same way again. Don’t forget to try their frijoles, either. Mariachi doesn’t play around.

Cuban Pete’s in Montclair

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Cuban Pete’s is a legend amongst Latin food lovers in northern New Jersey. Located in downtown Montclair, Cuban Pete’s is a trendy locale to go out for a night on the town with your friends or a significant other. The good vibes of the restaurant are only paralleled by just HOW good the food is. Make sure you try the crispy red snapper, pollo cubano, and ropa vieja.

Spend a noche in Colombia

Colombian food since they beat Brazil last night 😋😋

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Noches de Colombia is a Colombian restaurant chain that’s seriously off the chain. With 15 locations throughout the state, it’s tempting not to go there every chance you get. With heaping portions for each entree, you’ll be thanking the food gods you get to take home leftovers for the next day. Don’t miss the mini bandeja paisa, arroz con pollo, or the mar y tierra.

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