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7 Things Best Friends Did Growing Up Together in Michigan

by kotyneelis Nov 2, 2016

1. You went on a roadtrip to Sarnia for your 19th birthday and got drunk as hell.

19 might not be a memorable age for some but if you lived in Michigan it was a chance to drive over to Canada with your best friend for a weekend and legally drink as much as you wanted. Sure, you came crawling back over the border with a wicked hangover and the sad realization you still had another 2 years before you’d be legal to drink in your home country, but the memories were totally worth it. At least the ones you can still recall.

2. You spent your summers together on the lake.

It didn’t matter whether it was one of the Great Lakes or a favorite swimming hole in your local town. Lazy summer days were best spent next to the waves soaking up the hot Midwest sun or jumping in and getting wet.

3. And if you weren’t on a lake you were heading Up North together with one of your families.

A trip Up North always meant “getting away from it all” just a couple hours away and enjoying the peacefulness of Northern Michigan. Whether you were sitting around a bon fire together telling stories, grilling s’mores and hot dogs, or climbing sand dunes, spending time in the remote areas of Michigan were some of your favorite times together.

4. You stayed up all night playing Euchre.

Some kids grow up playing standard card games, but Michiganders grow up playing Euchre.

5. You probably spent your weekends together at some corny teen dance club in the middle of nowhere.

Hey, it might have not been very chic and maybe the “club” was next to a cornfield, but at least it was a chance to listen to some decent music in a better setting than your bedroom.

6. You went on midnight trips to Steak N’ Shake or Denny’s.

Sure, these two diners aren’t only available in Michigan, but they sure as hell were the only two places ever open for kids under 21 looking for a place away from home to just sit and hang out. Late night trips to the diner was the best place to have long conversations about pretty much anything while drinking coffee and eating your favorite fried foods.

7. You got hella excited when a big musical act played at the county fair.

When you think of county fairs you don’t necessarily think of witnessing high-brow entertainment but when you were a teen, it was usually the one chance you and your best friend had to see a popular band without having to go all the way to Detroit or Chicago.

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