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8 Best Experiences You Can Have for Free in Mexico City

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by Odette Herrera Dec 21, 2016

MEXICO CITY’S DOWNTOWN is packed with sights and activities. Here are eight great must do’s that won’t cost you anything.

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Wander around Chapultepec Forest

 Wander around Chapultepec ForestCiudad de México, MexicoThis is an amazing place to visit and the entrance is free. You can wander around and see the old baths of Moctezuma, attend a free cultural activity at Casa de Lago or just admire and take pictures if the beautiful view with the lake.

Cultural activities at CENART

 Cultural activities at CENARTCiudad de México, MexicoThe “Centro Nacional de las Artes” (CENART) is one of the best cultural centers in the city. All year long you will find activities and free events of art, dance, theater and music. Its beautiful gardens are also a good spot to relax and clear the mind.

Open-air cinema at Cineteca Nacional

 Open-air cinema at Cineteca NacionalCiudad de México, MexicoIf you like art films this is the place to go. Its open-air movie theater is very cool for watching movies on a warm night.

Centro de Cultura Digital

 Centro de Cultura DigitalCiudad de México, MexicoIn this place located just at the entrance of the Chapultepec Forest, almost everyday take place interesting (and free) activities and events related to digital technology.

Palacio de Cultura Banamex — Palacio de Iturbide

 Palacio de Cultura Banamex – Palacio de IturbideCiudad de México, MexicoA former palace, now an amazing cultural venue that hosts great art exhibitions. The entrance is always free.

Museo Nacional de la Acuarela

 Museo Nacional de la AcuarelaCiudad de México, MexicoThis beautiful place hosts very good art exhibitions. It has a nice cafeteria to relax and on weekends it offers art workshops for kids.

Noche de Museos

 Noche de MuseosCiudad de México, MexicoThe “night of the museums” takes place on the last Wednesday of each month, when some cultural venues open their doors on night time, offering some special activities like guided tours, workshops, concerts, talks and book presentations.

Murales en Palacio Nacional

 Murales en Palacio NacionalCiudad de México, MexicoAt National Palace you can admire some amazing murals from renowned and very famous Mexican artist Diego Rivera. “Epopeya del Pueblo Mexicano” painted on one of the main staircases is simply extraordinary.

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