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8 Best Music Venues in Colorado

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by Tim Wenger Nov 14, 2016

WHILE DENVER gets the majority of the attention from big-name touring artists passing through Colorado, it’s more than possible to find quality live music no matter where you’re at in the state. Of course, Red Rocks is on the list- but from Colorado Springs over the hills to Grand Junction, don’t miss these live music clubs.

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1. Fox Theatre

 The Fox TheatreBoulder, United StatesThe Fox Theatre is one of the nicest mid-level venues is the state, with great sound, easy viewing of the stage, and an intimate feel. The club draws a strong college crowd and plays everything from EDM to reggae and jam bands.

2. Red Rocks Park & Amphitheatre

 Red Rocks AmphitheatreGolden, United StatesNo discussion of Colorado music is complete without Red Rocks. Hands down the best live music venue in the world, attending a concert at Red Rocks is as much about the experience as the artist. Get there early to tailgate in the parking lot, walk up the intense stair climb to the theatre (being a beer for the walk, there are recycling stations on the way), and watch the biggest names in music with incredible views of the mountains, the red rocks, and the city of Denver.

3. Belly Up Aspen

 Belly UpAspen, United StatesGourmet food. World class sound. Intricate lighting. Sound like Aspen? The Belly Up is how the ritziest mountain town of them all does live music, and attending a show here is an unforgettable experience. In a small club setting, they bring in bands like The Offspring and Gogol Bordello and offer a first-class viewing experience.

4. The Eldo Brewery & Venue

 EldoCrested Butte, United StatesIn the tiny mountain town of Crested Butte is perhaps the rowdiest music venue in Colorado. The Eldo features touring bands, local artists, and Dj’s, plus they brew some delicious beer in-house to fuel the party.
There is no better way to miss first chair than by catching last call at the Eldo.

5. Summit Music Hall

 Summit Music HallDenver, United StatesSoda Jerk Presents took this old warehouse and turned it into Denver’s best music club. A state-of-the-art sound system complements a consistently strong lineup of shows and a bar frustrating my craft beer. That’s about all I can ask for.

6. Animas City Theatre

 Animas City TheatreDurango, United StatesFor a small mountain town, Durango has a great Theatre with world-class sound thanks to the ACT. It holds about 300, has a large dance floor and is in the same building as the best chicken wings I’ve ever had. Plus, the ACT shows indie movies regularly, so even when there’s not a band in town it’s still worth checking out.

7. The Black Sheep

 The Black SheepColorado Springs, United StatesThe Black Sheep, and promoters Soda Jerk Presents, do a killer job of making sure Colorado Springs gets its share of great music. Without them, fans would have to drive to Denver to see many of their favorite bands, but instead they enjoy well-known groups in a smaller, more intimate setting than typically found found in big cities. #livemusic #livemusic

8. Mesa Theater

 Mesa TheaterGrand Junction, United StatesThe Mesa has seen a few incarnations but the current management is doing a great job of making both artists and fans happy. You’ll find big name headliners regularly, but they also do a great job of supporting the local scene and hosting smaller shows in the lounge area near the bar.

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