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8 Reasons You Can't Leave Italy Without Checking Out Taormina

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by Dayana Aleksandrova Nov 5, 2016

Bright colors, clean waters, fresh, delicious food and late night entertainment — I don’t know about you, but this is my personal idea of paradise. My first time in Italy, I completely skipped the mainland area and hopped right on over to Taormina, a small town in the hilltops of Sicily. From active volcanoes to Ancient Greek ruins and charming sunsets, this will be a trip to remember.

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1. C & G Italian Chocolate

 C & G Italian Chocolate S.R.L.Taormina, ItalyAmazing sweet treats. Try to sit on the terrace, the view of the volcano is beautiful. #coffee #chocolate

2. Taormina Beach

 Taormina BeachVillagonia, ItalyHop in a cable car and get yourself over to the beach. Water is very clean but you need a pair of those funny rubber shoes because there are sharp rocks everywhere. Go early and claim your spot. #beach

3. II Ciclope

 Il CiclopeTaormina, ItalyDelicious food at a good price. Il ciclope is right in the heart of Taormina, so make a quick wine and pizza stop before heading over to the square to watch the sunset. #cheap-eats #open-late

4. La Giara

 La GiaraTaormina, ItalyYour go-to place for louder than necessary electronic music from the early dance scene in Europe. Do: dress up and strut with the crew. Do not: make out with the ancient amphora after a few vodkas like I did. The venue is nice with plenty of dancing room. #dancing #club

5. Morgana Bar

 Morgana BarTaormina, ItalyMorgana should be the first stop of your night out in Taormina. Good cocktails, happy people. Dress to impress. In fact, do that anywhere on the island, really. They had a guest list at the entrance, so they make you wait a bit, but if I was able to bullshit my way in, so can you. It’s all about confidence. Cheers! #dancing #club

6. The Ashbee Hotel

 The Ashbee HotelTaormina, ItalyOne of the most gorgeous hotels I’ve been to, the Ashbee is opulent and boasts the best views around. It’s private and if you’re not a guest you have to wait outside the heavy gate and speak to the concierge on the phone before entering. The terrace with the pool (pictured above) is a super scenic spot to chill, but don’t underestimate the rooftop bar – it has a perfect night view. #luxury #views #pool

7. Town Centre

 Town centreTaormina, ItalyEasily the most scenic spot in Taormina. On one side you have gorgeous architectural remains, while the other side has a wide terrace overlooking the sea. Bring your camera. #free #statue #history

8. Teatro Antico di Taormina

 Teatro Antico di TaorminaTaormina, ItalyThis ancient theater is an absolute must-see on the island. Seriously, if you don’t get around to seeing it, you might as well not say that you’ve been to Taormina. Some nights there are open-air concerts which are pretty cool. Philosophy nerds, rejoice! (My college prof. gave me an A even when I came back to school a month late because I was hanging out over there) #free #history

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