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8 Signs You Grew Up Celebrating the Holidays in Alaska

by Jennifer Gracey Dec 12, 2015

1. “The star’s on!” is your way of saying…
“Let the holiday preparations and festivities begin!” When that big, beautiful 370 bulb star appears on the Arctic Valley mountain side, you can’t resist smiling like an idiot— even if you’re alone in your car.

2. You clock more hours shopping at a wholesale warehouse than the mall.
Sam’s Club, Costco, and Three Bears aren’t just for stocking up on party platters, veggie dips, and extra large tubs of ice cream. They’re also some of your favorite spots for running into friends and buying Alaska-sized versions of everything— gifts included.

3. Your holiday feasts take a walk on the wild side.
No Alaskan holiday spread is ever complete without some authentic harvest season fare. Bring on the wild Alaskan smoked salmon dip, reindeer sausage and cheese plates, fresh Alaskan oysters, moose steaks, baked halibut cheeks, meaty Bristol Bay king crab legs, plump hand picked wild Alaskan blueberry “made from scratch” pies, and more.

4. You enjoy ogling holiday light displays way more than the average American.
There’s nothing wrong with driving at a snail’s pace to thoroughly relish all the twinkly lights. Those mesmerizing electric gems help make the darkness endurable. Besides, everyone else is doing it. It is icy out, after all.

5. Rudolph isn’t the most important reindeer in your world…
It’s Star.

6. When “North Pole” pops up in conversation, it never references the direction a compass points…
To you, it is the location of Santa Claus House.

7. Your excitement over the New Year’s Eve fireworks is for a totally different reason than everyone else.
It’s the one BIG annual holiday where fireworks are actually visible and worth watching… from the relative comfort of your heated car with the defrost on full blast.

8. Celebrating a holiday on the actual holiday is your win of the year.
It might as well be called ‘Holiday Roulette’ considering loved ones frequently work out of town and family is scattered around the lower 48. Celebrating a holiday on time with everyone important present and accounted for? Priceless!

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