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9 Abilities All Michiganders Have

by Nicole Wildman Jan 19, 2017

1. We can tread water in freezing temperatures.

The Great Lakes are gorgeous and we love them, but they don’t get very warm, even in the summer. If we have a really cold winter, they might even have ice until mid-June. But a true Michigander has the ability to jump in the chilly water and enjoy our short-lived summers while they last.

2. We can negotiate with anyone.

Before Michigan was allowed to become a state, we spent several years arguing with Ohio over the Toledo Strip, a piece of land which is now part of northern Ohio along the Michigan border. In the end, Michigan gave up the Toledo Strip in exchange for the Upper Peninsula, which provided us copper, iron, and timber, as well as one of the most gorgeous places in the midwest.

3. We can dodge a pothole of any diameter.

Home of the American auto industry, but also home of the nation’s worst roads… Thanks to all of our snow and ice and salt and rain and the economy, Michigan’s roads almost have more potholes than not, even on the highways. So, we’ve all become experts at avoiding them.

4. We can wear shorts in 40-degree weather.

Michiganders are accustomed to so many different kinds of weather that it’s not uncommon, especially after a long, cold winter, to wear shorts in colder weather, even if it’s snowy out.

5. We’re really good at driving in snow and ice.

Michiganders know how to get from point A to point B, even if it’s snowing, icy, hailing, pouring rain, windy, or all of the above. We often make fun of southerners, who tend to shut down entire cities when they get even a dusting of snow and cold.

6. We can always adapt.

Michigan weather is unpredictable, so its residents have learned to prepare for anything. It’s smart to dress in layers, always bring a sweater, an umbrella, and an extra pair of shoes on an outing.
And never trust the weather forecast.

7. We can survive in a tough situation.

Michigan has faced a lot of challenges in the last 50 years, with the downfall of Detroit, the auto industry, and the housing market. Michiganders, however, have learned to adapt to tough situations, turn them around, stay positive, and come back.

8. We can be spotted from space.

Michigan is surrounded by some of the largest lakes in the world, and its mitten shape can be seen from space. While the rest of the continent blends together, our glacier-formed mitten is distinguishable from the mass.

9. We can make a snow day happen.

As children in Michigan, we all knew when a big snowstorm was coming. During recess, we’d all make a pact to wear our pajamas inside-out that night and do a snow dance in hopes that the storm came late enough and fast enough that school would be canceled the next day. The tradition may or may not continue into adulthood…

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