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9 Signs You're Back Home in Ohio

by Tim Andrews Aug 8, 2016

1. You now have to have an opinion about the Ohio State Buckeyes.

…Even if that opinion is to purposefully ignore them. With Buckeye gear constantly in site and fall social schedules defined by Buckeye games, it’s hard to sit on the sidelines during football season.

2. Your vote really matters… No, seriously.

You’ll hear about any and every possible presidential candidate come election season. And you better believe they’ll be visiting Ohio to campaign.

3. Orange cones scattered everywhere don’t even begin to phase you.

Our state is in a constant state of construction. If traffic is bad, 9 times out of 10 you can attribute it to construction. Our tax dollars at work, people.

4. You’re ready to experience every single season with a 24-hour period.

You know the value of layers and the power of keeping plenty of clothing in your car, regardless of the weather forecast. Hello, snow in April.

5. You bring buckeyes to every party or event.

And you know I’m not talking about the poisonous kind.

6. O-H!!

You know what to do.

7. Your church options are never ending.

You can go to a different church each Sunday for a year and only have half of our hometown covered.

8. There are painted barns everywhere you look.

What did we do to celebrate our bicentennial? Yeah, that’s not normal.

9. You stumble upon the friendliest people.

Bet you didn’t remember your coffee would come with a side of hand holding and a dose of your barista’s life story, did ya?

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