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9 Ways You'll Be Stereotyped for Living in Wisconsin

by Andrew Lewandowski Sep 12, 2016

1. You must be a Country music fan.

Most Wisconsinites go wild for an acoustic guitar and a cowboy hat. Indeed, Wisconsin is home to Country Fest, Country Jam USA, Country on the River, Country Thunder, and the list goes on. However, it is not all banjos and cowbells. Just take a look at Summerfest, it’s the biggest music festival in the country, right in Milwaukee, with past headliners ranging from Phoenix and Florence & The Machine to Selena Gomez and Milky Chance. Our musical taste is as wide as our beer selection.

2. You drink beer like it’s water.

Budweiser for breakfast, Leinenkugel’s with lunch, Spotted Cow with supper, and beer battered fish on Fridays to finish it off strong. Ok, we are not that extreme about our beer drinking habits but with almost 100 breweries in Wisconsin, ranging widely from international beer giants to small independent brewpubs, how can you blame us for loving the suds?

3. You’ve got to be into hunting.

Hunting and fishing truly are a big part of Wisconsin’s culture, and almost every ‘Sconnie grandpa has a story about spotting a “tirdy point buck, up nort”. Although some household’s firearm collection is exceeded in number only by its camouflage wardrobe, plenty of Wisconsinites have never stepped foot into a tree stand.

4. You’re really REALLY nice.

Giving way to pedestrians, smiling at strangers, or even uttering a warm “hello” – can you imagine? The ‘Midwest-nice’ stereotype comes from an unbreakable cheerfulness and truthful willingness to help others, it is a welcome part of daily life in the dairyland.

5. You grew up on a farm.

The general idea is that Wisconsinites grow up tipping over cows in corn fields and driving their tractor or snowmobiles to school. While this may be true for small farming towns, the majority of the population lives in the suburbs, miles away from the nearest farm. That being said, don’t be surprised to see a giant John Deere combine rolling down the side of the highway on a fine autumn day.

6. You love cheese, on everything.

No, we don’t actually believe cheese is its own food group. We just think it should be. Wisconsinites proudly bear the name “cheeseheads’ and shamelessly wear cheese-shaped hats to prove it. Having cheese incorporated into every meal of the day is a part of life that you won’t find us complaining about. Egg and cheddar omelette for breakfast, shredded parmesan on your salad for lunch, and mom’s five-cheese lasagna for dinner. Cheese is a Wisconsin stereotype that we are proud to bear!

7. You never leave Wisconsin.

Wisconsinites and fellow Midwesterners don’t lack big dreams or aspirations, they are simply family people by nature and nurture. Wisconsin families stick together, and for a small part of the population that means never wandering too far outside the Badger state’s border. With low living costs, steady work, the best water quality in the country, and your entire immediate family living less than 3 miles from your house, why would a Wisconsinite ever leave?

8. You are part Yeti.

With nine months of winter and a small probability of snow year round, it comes with little surprise that Wisconsinites can proudly handle cold weather. ‘Sconnies perceive cold not so much as an automatic bodily reaction but as a matter of personal perception. When temps spike above 45º Fahrenheit don’t be shocked to find us happily lounging outside in shorts, sandals and a t-shirt. You call it stereotype, we call it superpower.

9. You say things funny.

We may deny it and claim our accent is neutral, undetectable even… just plain English. Some may even try to disguise their Midwest roots, but when your friend says ‘pop’ instead of soda, calls the water fountain ‘bubbler’, or slips in an “or no?” at the end of a question, you will know, undeniably, that you are chatting with a ‘Sconnie. The biggest telltale sign is likely the very way we say ‘Wisconsin’, which when properly pronounced, is a nasal and resonant “Wiscaaansin”.

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