1. Chattanooga Market

Photo of Chattanooga Market by Justin Walter on travelstoke.

On Sunday hop on down to this local hotspot! The markets are coming up on their 16th anniversary. A great way to chow down on food food (and samples), browse the arts and enjoy live entertainment.

2. The Blue Plate

Photo of The Blue Plate by Justin Walter on travelstoke.

Homemade potato chips with bleu cheese crumbles, yes please! Also had the Chicken and Pancake twist on chicken and waffles which was a great breakfast. Blue Plate is a modern upscale diner located in the heart of downtown.

3. The Camp House

Photo of The Camp House by Justin Walter on travelstoke.

Talk about a venue that wears many hats! Stopped by here for breakfast (loved the Stuffed Biscuit: homemade biscuit, eggs, cheddar, pesto, tomato, onion, bacon). This coffee house restaurant is a great place to work and also doubles as a concert venue at night.

4. Easy Bistro and Bar

Photo of Easy Bistro and Bar by Justin Walter on travelstoke.

This place is an easy choice for a delicious meal! I had the shrimp and grits, easy salad and the beef brisket which were all delicious. The meat literally fell off the bone and melted in my mouth.

5. The Ice Cream Show

Photo of The Ice Cream Show by Justin Walter on travelstoke.

It’s simple: pick a cone and vanilla or chocolate ice cream and then add in all the ingredients you want from a list of 40. I recommend chocolate with peanut butter, banana, pistachio and pretzels! This is the reason why there’s always room for dessert.

6. Mojo Burrito

Photo of Mojo Burrito by Justin Walter on travelstoke.

Burritos that are bomb-dot-com! Ordered the Enchiladito and Veggie Wedges. Left full, satisfied and fueled up for my day of outdoor adventure.

7. Terminal Brewhouse

Photo of Terminal Brewhouse by Justin Walter on travelstoke.

Dropped in for lunch and tried the Buffaloaf! I’ve never had bison meat and not a big fan of traditional meatloaf but would definitely recommend it, of course with brewskies.

To sleep: The Crash Pad

Photo of The Crash Pad by Justin Walter on travelstoke.

This hostel brought me right back to feeling like I was traveling abroad. It’s designed as a home base and community for adventure travelers starting at $35/night for bunk beds. There’s a cool outdoor area with a fire pit and yard games too.