The Best 6 Happy Hour Spots in Philadelphia

Food + Drink
by Robin Goode Aug 24, 2016

1. FringeArts

Photo of FringeArts by Kae Lani Kennedy on travelstoke.

Celebrate FringeArts all year long! This is a great venue to not only catch local theatre but also just to grab a drink and a bite to eat. The outdoor beer garden makes drinking under the Ben Franklin Bridge classy.

2. The Dandelion

Photo of The Dandelion by Kae Lani Kennedy on travelstoke.

A British hunting lodge themed pub. It’s only worth coming here during Happy Hour. 5pm to 7pm on weekdays. $2 snacks, $4 beers, $5 wines. The deviled eggs are what keep me coming back.

3. The Foodery

Photo of The Foodery by Kae Lani Kennedy on travelstoke.

A sweet sweet loophole to Pennsylvania’s awful liquor laws. This bottle shop has a hallway of refrigerator’s worth of beers from around the globe. You can take home two 6-packs (PA’s legal limit) or enjoy a brew in their dining area. They also have delicious eats. Pro tip: fondue sucks. Get the wings!

4. Independence Beer Garden

Photo of Independence Beer Garden by Kae Lani Kennedy on travelstoke.

Grab a drink of cold craft beer on a beautiful day after a few laps around Independence Park

5. Khyber Pass Club

Photo of Kyber Pass Club by Kae Lani Kennedy on travelstoke.

The best Bayou dishes in all of Philadelphia. The Khyber Pass Pub has classic Louisiana favorites paired with Southern-inspired cocktails and local craft beers. To maintain authenticity, the chef has meats shipped in from the butchers at Best Stop in Louisiana. Must-Haves: Bacon Grease Popcorn, a platter of all three Grilled Chicken Wings, and the House Gumbo. If you visit during brunch, pass on the grits. They’re not the greatest. Conversation starter: ask locals how this place went from grittiest punk rock bar in the city to making it onto Esquire Magazines list of “Best Bars in America”.

6. Front Street Cafe

Photo of Front Street Cafe by Kae Lani Kennedy on travelstoke.

Sneaky cauliflower tastes and looks like buffalo chicken bites. The food here is healthy and deceptively tasty. Healthy food shouldn’t taste like unhealthy food!

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