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Forget the Tiny House, What You Need Is an Ecocapsule

by Morgane Croissant May 28, 2015

I USED TO DREAM OF OWNING A TINY HOUSE. My belongings can all be packed in two suitcases, I don’t like doing housework (the smaller the accommodation, the better), I like to think that I am an environmentalist (bring on the composting toilet!), and I prefer spending my time outside rather than inside. I was the perfect candidate for a quaint micro house…that is until the arrival of the ecocapsule.

The ecocapsule, made by Nice Architect, a Slovakian company, is a new kind of super green micro dwelling. It is powered by a built-in wind turbine and solar cells, and its egg-like shape allows the collection of rainwater and dew. It is also equipped with built-in water filters so you can use any water source without fearing falling ill to cholera. According to Nice Architect, “this creates an energy system that can support you almost an entire year in many off-grid locations”.

The capsule, although tiny (14.6 feet long and 7.4 feet wide), can house two adults, has a decent amount of storage space, and it has a kitchenette and a bathroom with running water.

The best part of the capsule is that, unlike a tiny house, it’s easily portable; hitch it to your truck and you’re off to explore somewhere new. It’s like tenting, but better.

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