6 Great Spots in Vancouver for Foodies on a Budget

Vancouver Food + Drink
by Stefan Klopp Aug 26, 2016

1. Colony Bar Main

Photo of Colony Bar Main by Stefan Klopp on travelstoke

Solid brunch with $4 beers. Like you can see in the picture, go for the ceasar’s, and some killer chicken and waffles!

2. Basho Cafe

Photo of Basho Cafe by Stefan Klopp on travelstoke

If you head to this cool little Japanese cafe in the East Village, get a set plate… if you can. If they are sold out, their rice and salad bowls are a good consolation. If you just want a hot drink and a sweet bite, lots of tasty matcha treats go perfectly well with tea or coffee.

3. Cartems Donuterie

Photo of Cartems Donuterie by Kae Lani Kennedy on travelstoke

Doughnuts with spunk, including gluten free and vegan doughnuts. The smoked maple walnut is a local favorite and is considered “a taste of Canada”. With coffee, to go.

4. Harvest Community Foods

Photo of Harvest Community Foods by Stefan Klopp on travelstoke

If you want a lighter healthier ramen full of flavor… this is your spot! Or maybe you want some house made Greek style yogurt with Gelderman farm blueberries? Mmmmm.

5. The Galley Patio and Grill

Photo of The Galley Patio and Grill by Stefan Klopp on travelstoke

Best patio in the city with cheap good eats and drinks. All their salmon dishes are delicious, plus it’s a fantastic spot to see the sunset.

6. Marutama

Photo of Marutama by Kae Lani Kennedy on travelstoke

Perfect spot to grab some ramen before hitting up Stanley Park. Matador’s social media manager got the vegetarian one, and her expert opinion is: “It was delicious!”.
Because you can never have too much of ramen and noodles, also try Taishoken‘s deconstructed version with the noodles on the side (recommendation by Stefan Klopp travelstoke).

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