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Helicopter Parenting Damages Children. This NYC Playground Looks to Address That

New York City
by Carlo Alcos Sep 27, 2016

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When I was around 11-12 years old, back in the late 80s, I used to build skateboard ramps in my driveway. I clearly remember the large boards of plywood and 2x4s and the long orange extension cord that ran from the garage power outlet to where I had wooden saw-horses set up. I attached a circular saw and a jog saw to this extension cord and used them to cut the plywood and 2x4s, then used a hammer and nails to put it all together. I skateboarded on these ramps in my cul-de-sac from after school til it got dark. Looking back I sometimes wonder how I survived childhood, but I did. Who knows…maybe power saws aren’t all that safe for a pre-teen to use unsupervised (probably not), but the level to which playgrounds have become ultra-safe and to which parents are hovering over their kids to protect them is right out of hand.

In the above video it states that studies show that “helicopter parenting” negatively affects kids, making them more anxious and scared. This makes a lot of sense. It also deprives them of learning valuable skills they will need later in life. It’s encouraging to see this being recognized and that certain communities are re-introducing risks into the childrens’ play.

Lead image courtesy of play:groundNYC.

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