Capturing the eerie nature of a mountain range is always a challenge for landscape photographers. The Swiss Alps are visually stunning and can be an amazing frame, but it requires expertise to really bring them to life in a single image. These 16 photographs capture the unique beauty of these spectacular mountains.

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I didn’t know if it was a good idea to do the hike to the Schäfler, as a lot of local thunderstorms were going down that day. I got lucky and was able to capture this incredible moment.


Some friends and I went on a weekend hike to the little Schmadri hut, close to Lauterbrunnen. We were able to reach the hut before it started raining. After dinner I stepped out of the hut and was amazed by the mystic atmosphere. It’s hard to plan shots like this.


Morning stroll underneath the mighty Jungfrau at 4158 m.


Clouds moving up the mountains in the valley of Lauterbrunnen.


Sunrise in the Swiss Jura Mountains seen from the Belchenflue.


Sunset captured from the Säntis. This is a great spot for lazy photographers since you can take a cable car to get there!


Catching the first sunlight on the Brienzer Grat. Lake Brienz hides underneath all that fog.


Sunset above the fog at the amazing Augstmatthorn. This place reminded me of the famous Roys Peak in New Zealand.


Last sun rays hitting the Alps in the area of Kandersteg.


Cooling down after a long hike in the amazingly blue waters of the Öschinensee.


While hiking up to the Augstmatthorn, chances are high that you encounter some majestic ibexes, especially during fall.


Sun going down in central Switzerland. Seen from a hut called Blümlisalphütte.


Early morning above the fog. The beautiful city of Luzern lies underneath.


Together with a fellow photographer I climbed up the Schwyzer Alps to watch the dawn of a new day.


Above the fog line in the Schwyzer Alps.


Making new friends in the Mythen area.