LAST SATURDAY, APRIL 2ND, WAS the best holiday you’ve never heard of: International Pillow Fight Day. It is exactly what it sounds like. All around the world, people gathered together to absolutely wail on one another with feather pillows. There were events in New York, in London, in Helsinki, in Washington, DC, in Taipei, in Amsterdam, in Toronto, and in many other cities, with everyone from small kids to grandmothers joining in on the pillow fight.

It’s organized as part of the larger Urban Playground Movement, which is aimed at making our public spaces into places where we spend more time meeting up and having fun. So mark your calendars: Next year, on April 2nd, take to the streets with your old pillows and get into a fight.

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Amongst the crazy…love ❤️#pillowfight #internationalpillowfightday #pillowfightday #budapest #hungary #love

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No chance to run, no chance to hide!

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had a blast yesterday 💫 (praying for the gals coughing their lungs out) #internationalpillowfightday

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