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11 Images That Prove Denali National Park Should Be at the Top of Your Bucket List

Alaska Denali National Park Galleries
by Morgane Croissant Aug 3, 2016

Denali National Park and Preserve is comprised of six million acres of diverse wilderness filled with incredible wildlife. From northern lights and boreal owls to North America’s tallest peak and thinhorn sheep, here is why Alaska’s most famous national park needs to be at the top of your list.

1. Northern Lights dance across the sky.


Photo: Susan Lotter/Shutterstock

2. Denali

Photo: Eder Maioli/Shutterstock

3. Thinhorn sheep

Photo: Ludmila Ruzickova/Shutterstock

4. Caribou

caribou near the alaska arctic circle

Photo: Martin Capek/Shutterstock

5. Moose on the road

Photo: Michal Sarauer/Shutterstock

6. First snow

Photo: Terry W Ryder/Shutterstock

7. Red Fox

Photo: David Hoffmann Photography/Shutterstock

8. Denali in the fall


Photo: Juancat/Shutterstock

9. Grizzly bear

Photo: NancyS/Shutterstock

10. Boreal Owl

Photo: martin_kubik/Shutterstock

11. Full moon over the snowy mountains

Photo: Real Window Creative/Shutterstock

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