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You Know You're in New Orleans When...

New Orleans Student Work
by Bethany Coan Apr 19, 2015

1. You are sitting at lunch with friends or family, incredibly full from eating an overstuffed, densely layered, meaty sandwich on freshly baked bread. And you are already discussing potential dinner prospects.

2. You determine the seasons by the produce available. Oyster season — fall into winter. Crawfish season — spring into summer. Satsuma season — winter. Creole tomato season — summer. Strawberry season — spring.

3. You ask for a to-go cup at a bar or restaurant, walk out the door, and casually continue your drinking into the streets.

4. You see local chefs, bartenders, and restaurants owners being treated like absolute celebrities when they are out and dining.

5. Every concert, grade school fundraiser, sporting game, outdoor festival, and finish line of a race has beer and/or alcohol available.

6. You see fleur-de-lis on flags, bumper stickers, necklaces, T-shirts, signs, mailboxes. Everything.

7. You can’t drive down a street without swerving around or plummeting into at least half a dozen potholes.

8. There are more festivals than days of the year. From mirlitons to the Greek population to Zydeco music to king cakes, there’s always something to celebrate.

9. Mardi Gras goes way beyond one day. The Mardi Gras season here starts about two weeks prior and halts your normal way of living.

10. Roads are blocked off for a spirited wedding party second line or a Mardi Gras Indian jazz funeral.

11. Your body changes temperatures drastically in the middle of the summer, sweating from every crevice of your body from humidity followed by becoming completely frozen from icy air conditioners when you step inside a building.

12. Louisiana State University colors of purple and yellow and the Saints colors of black and gold are the dominant colors seen throughout the city, game day or not.

13. There is an alternate way to say certain street names: Cadiz, Milan, Burgundy, Chartres, Calliope. They are not what you may think.

14. You see a baby in a bar during a big, televised LSU football game wearing a purple and yellow tiger onesie.

15. You see a handmade side car attached to a bicycle, to carry a tuba for the musician without a car.

16. Most people you see exercising are most likely working out to maintain their weight and figure without having to give up food or alcohol.

17. You know that hot pink wig or purple sequined pants purchased for a specific Halloween costume will not be worn just once. Guaranteed.

18. You don’t stress going down tiny ‘two-way’ side streets with cars parked on both sides and a stream of oncoming traffic.

19. You throw you diligent recycling habits out the window.

20. Your happy hour is rarely just an “hour.” Here, happy hour runs from 11am to 7pm.

21. And…Ms. Mae’s and Igor’s Lounge are your go-to places, so the party never has to stop. 24 hour bars, y’all!

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