Mapped: the Most Popular Tourist Attraction of Every Country

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by Robin Goode Dec 30, 2016

While many travelers profess a desire to avoid the “tourist-trap,” it is tough to fight the gravitational pull of the truly world famous destinations when given the opportunity. There is a special thrill in visiting a place that has been visited millions of times a year for decades, even millennia. Seeing the Great Wall, or Petra, or the Colosseum, or Central Park up close isn’t just moving because of their face-value grandeur, but also because they have managed the incredible difficult task of surviving eons of popularity among human beings without losing any of that majesty.

So next time you find yourself on the road, maybe push past the resistance to being a “tourist” and instead use this map, provided by Voucher Cloud using data collected from Trip Advisor, to find out why these destinations are so wildly popular.

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