13 Must-Have Experiences in Madrid

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by Jorge @instayors Oct 12, 2016

MADRID IS THE THIRD LARGEST CITY in the European Union, and yet it feels like a relaxed barrio for the most part. With 21 districts and 128 wards or “barrios”, you’ll probably benefit from a quick guide to key areas. Once on the ground, Madrid is more than tasting tapas. It’s about taking 2-3 hours for a meal in which the best element is the conversation… it’s about walking around and failing to find an area that does not feel welcoming. In Madrid, you can meet people from all over Spain and both enjoy traditions (like outstanding flamenco shows) and celebrate new trends or ideas.

The experiences in here are suggestions to make the most out of your time in Madrid. These spots are all taken directly from travelstoke®, a new app from Matador that connects you with fellow travelers and locals. The app allows you to walk into a city and instantly have friends there, to build your global network of friends, and to even have more fun connecting with new people in your home city. Download the app to add any of the spots below directly to your future trips.

1. Get one of the best panoramic views from el “Círculo de Bellas Artes” while deciding which amazing museum you visit first.

 Círculo de Bellas ArtesMadrid, SpainAmazing roof in the center of Madrid.

2. If you are still craving from rooftops views, see the famous Gran Vía from the top of El Corte Inglés, while having a typical delicacy… an experience as ‘madrileña’ as it gets.

 Calle Gran VíaMadrid, SpainFabulous roof to see Madrid main streets and monuments, where you can eat really well at the same time. Gourmet experience is inside the El Corte Inglés where you can go shopping too.

3. Interact with locals at El Retiro Park: street performers, cranky coffee ladies, old men trying to keep pace with their dogs, expats not as lost as you are, and parents sharing tree time with their kids…

 El Retiro ParkMadrid, SpainThe most beautiful park in Madrid where you can find nice places to have a drink, make sports, relax, take a walk or even ride a small boat in its lake.

4. Then use your “tourist” excuse card and take a selfie at the Palacio de Cristal.

 Palacio de CristalMadrid, Spain#parque #madrid

5. Discover how broad the term “tapas” is at Plaza de la Cebada and surrounding areas.

 Plaza de la CebadaMadrid, SpainOne of the best and assets Madrid neighborhoods when it comes to going out at night or enjoy a beer with typical Tapas!

6. Realize that Madrid’s cultural scene is not only about flamenco shows: musicals and comedy have a big presence in town.

 Teatro Lope de VegaMadrid, SpainThe Lion King musical. Discover the musical that moves the world in Madrid!

7. On Sundays, get lost in the crowd at El Rastro open street market, and buy souvenirs you probably don’t need but will still cherish.

 El RastroMadrid, SpainAs every Sunday this part of town riding his street market, which you can not miss if you are in the capital. Eclectic shops and tapas bars make it an extraordinary experience.

8. See for yourself how Calle de las Huertas can be great both for a quiet drink and for dancing all night long.

 Calle de Las HuertasMadrid, SpainNext to the Puerta del Sol, this area called “Huertas” is the best option both to enjoy a quiet drink or dancing all the night.

9. Simply enjoy a sunset at the Temple of Debod.

 Temple of DebodMadrid, SpainOne of the most interesting places to see the sunset in Madrid.

10. Try to figure out why all roads seem to lead to Puerta del Sol…

 Puerta del SolMadrid, SpainEmblematic square with most of the Madrid symbols on it!

11. Live a day like a local hipster in the areas of Malasaña, La Latina, Chueca or Lavapies, shopping for vintage stuff while expecting to drink good coffee.

 CentroMadrid, SpainThe neighbourhood of Malasaña in Madrid is the hipster part of town. Lots of independent coffee shops, vintage clothing stores and restaurants. My personal favourite is Meridiano 100. #coffee #food

12. If you are visiting with children, get a little outside the city center to visit Madrid’s amusement park.

 Parque de Atracciones de MadridMadrid, SpainFun and amusement zone with special rides for kids where you can spend a wonderful day with your family or friends.

13. Be told the sport you enjoy so much “is fútbol, not soccer” at Santiago Bernabeu Stadium.

 Santiago Bernabéu StadiumMadrid, Spain#grsnde #madrid

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