1. The cool musicians.

Music and Cuba go together like rum and coke. Love at first sip, or in this case, first song. Photo: Jason Napolitano.

As you wonder through the streets all you have to do is follow the music and you’re sure to find something interesting. Photo: Jason Napolitano

2. The rad classic cars.

It’s not all classic American cars in Cuba. Checking the surf driving down the coast in an old VW just feels right. Photo: Jason Napolitano

Rusty buckets with rustic buildings. Just throw a little blue paint on them and they’re good as Cuban. Photo: Jason Napolitano

3. The friendly locals.

Lost? Just ask. Some of the friendliest people you’ll ever meet. Old man pointing us in the direction of the best mojito in Trinadad. Photo: Jason Napolitano

Cuba is home to some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. Three young boys enjoying the blue Caribbean. Photo: Jason Napolitano

4. Viñales Valley and the fields of tobacco.

Beautiful Viñales, a small farm town in the north where most of the Cuban tobacco is grown. Photo: Jason Napolitano

Green gold. Viñales tabaco is what the majority of Cuban cigars are made from. Photo: Jason Napolitano

5. The colourful architecture.

Old and new, beautiful texture everywhere you look. Photo: Jason Napolitano

Life is lived outside in cuba. Why wouldn’t you in a world so full of color. Photo: Jason Napolitano