1. You watch the sunrise over Lake Michigan.

Wake up realllly early, grab a couple of coffees from Colectivo, and head down to the lake wrapped in a blanket to watch the sky turn into an orange glow. Best experienced with a significant other.

2. You eat at least three cream puffs from the state fair.

It’s just what you do.

3. You spend a few late nights at Summerfest.

Milwaukee’s best foods, beer, and many internationally renowned bands all in one festival? Yeah, I’m pretty sure I’ll be stopping by.

A little rain can't stop the Summerfest party! Night 2 is in the books. Who were you in the crowd for?

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4. You spend at least one solid weekend at Wisconsin Dells.

Wisconsin is known as America’s waterpark capital, so naturally, you’ve gotta remind yourself on an annual basis why it has that title. And of course, you know that Wisconsinites go crazy for waterslides.

can every Monday be this great plz. . . #wavepool #wisconsindells #monday #swimming #summer #love #waterpark

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5. You visit Door County and eat all the cherry-themed food that you can.

Cherry pie, cherry jam, cherry scones, cherry wine… everything cherry. You probably also bought several pounds for freezing.

Wisconsin is definitely the best place to pick your own cherries!😍🍒 #delish #Wisconsincherries

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6. You spend a full Saturday tailgating at Miller Park.

Even if you bought the nosebleed seats you know you’re in for a good day — rain or shine — tailgating with your buddies for hours before the game starts.

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7. You spend an afternoon or — seven — touring a brewery.

Wisconsin has amazing breweries, and they’re not just in Milwaukee. You obviously hit up breweries like 3 Sheeps, Ale Asylum, and Pearl Street on the regular.


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8. You’ve made sure your cheesehead gear is up to date.

Summer’s a great time to check your wardrobe and buy what you need in advance of the upcoming Packer season. You never know when you’re going to need a new jersey.

America's Dairy land #wisconsin #cheese @packers #packers #cheesehead @cheetos0923

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9. You start frying out brats every weekend.

At least once a week you fire up the grill. Yes, it’s called ‘frying out.’

#wisconsinbeer and #wisconsinbrats #lifeisgood #spottedcow #craftbeer #foodporn #beerporn

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10. You have at least a few bonfires in your backyard.

There’s nothing better than a swig of cold New Glarus, gooey s’mores, and sitting by a cozy fire on a perfect starry Wisconsin night.

11. You watch the 4th of July fireworks over a lake.

Wisconsin is full of lakes (more than Minnesota…) and it’s pretty customary to watch the yearly fireworks show over your nearest large body of water. For example, Sheboygan’s fireworks on Lake Michigan are amazing.

12. You go to some kind of cultural festival.

Milwaukee is probably Wisconsin’s main hub for festivals, but there are plenty throughout the state. Take Scottish Fest in Montello, Rendezvous in Prairie Du Chien, and Oktoberfest in Chippewa Falls.

Featured image: Summerfest