As part of the KEEN HybridLife Photo Contest, Matador asked for pictures which best expressed a “HybridLife,” which is how KEEN describes people balancing what’s important to them — playing in the outdoors, and taking part in a community. Here are the most inspiring shots so far in the contest.

During a sunset in the dunes between Dubai and Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates, the mind traverses the landscape of the soul. Photo by Michael Liberati.


At the Bay of Fundy in Maine, seventeen-meter tides uncover clay riverbeds twice a day, where those caught in the mix transform from careful and clean to completely carefree. Photo by Harold Godsoe.


A top-down view of Macchu Picchu, Peru. Photo by Gayle Lazoration.


Nothing says "I've reached the top!" like a well-blown stream of bubbles at the summit. Photo by Tyson Schutz.


"Hey Dad, if this is New Zealand, where's Old Zealand? Are we there yet?". Photo by Katrina Greitschus.


As we emerge from childhood, it is not darkness, but the light of discovery, which greets us . Photo by Jerry Maxedon.


A sunrise hot air balloon ride in Macedonia: a perfect hybrid of old and new. Photo by David Quirk.


"So what if my scalp has been burnt to a crisp? I'm living life to its fullest degree." Photo by Chris Lynn.


Sixteen intrepid travelers, each on the same path, yet with such vastly different journeys. Photo by Deborah Gordon.


Providing and obtaining healthy food in a sustainable manner on a small farm in Costa Rica. The farm provides fresh, inexpensive, completely organic fruits and vegetables for local residents. Photo by Katy DeSantis.


It's difficult to not feel mighty after standing on the roof of Yosemite. Photo by Rachael Taft.


On the top of Lion's Head in South Africa. No description needed. Photo by Heather Thorkelson.


While this may be one of her first moments of reflection, it's certainly not her last. Photo by Alicia Masemom.


"Hiking with the two dogs in central Florida." Photo by Eva Matthews.


Amidst the landscape of the Indian Himalayas, one feels both massive and minuscule in the same moment. Photo by Adam Seper.


Though it's not as apparent, the cow is actually making the same expression as the girl. Photo by Kaya Howe.


New Zealand: the only place in the world fit for sunbathing on ice. Photo by Manfred Greitschus.


In Mt. Cook National Park, a father and his daughter share an icy dip of relaxation. Photo by Katrina Greitschus.


It seems that when we find that we have nowhere to go, we always return to nature and its trees, and though the base of the trunk may be the strongest part, our eyes never stray from a longing to reach the top. Photo by Elena Bargo.


All for one and one for all in Costa Rica. Photo by John Suhar.


After 46 mountain hikes, there's not much left to do but laugh with your twin sister. Photo by Sarah Ohanesian.


It's fascinating how we can wear such an expression of looking for something in places where we have come to because we know we will find nothing. Photo by Kyle Warden.


This jumper knows not to waste a single sunset. Photo by Mike Hedge.