British photographer Christopher Swann spent 23 years running hundreds of whale watching holidays, from the South Pacific to the Arctic. His passion for the sea and cetaceans, led him to capture fascinating images of whales and dolphins. In an interview with My Modern Met, Swann shares the details of his love of these beautiful marine mamals, as well as some of his amazing photographs.

A gray whale feeding at the surface and showing it’s baleen. Gulf of California.

“[…] I love the beauty and perfection of the sea. Cetaceans epitomise that […]”

Fin whale off the desert coast of Baja, Caifornia

Bottlenose dolphin at dawn

“[…] nothing is more perfect than any cetacean underwater, but whales are really special.”

The eye of a gray whale. Pacific coast Mexico.

Sperm whales

Humpback whales blow in a thunderous sky.

“To see animals so huge yet so graceful, so at ease and at one with their surroundings, is exquisite.”

Killer whale

Fin whale

Spotted dolphins

For more about Christopher Swann, check out his website.

H/T: My Modern Met.