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10 Spots That Remind Us How Beautiful Caracas Really Is

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by Adriana Herrera Oct 4, 2016

Caracas is a complicated city, but those who live here are constantly looking for places to take a break (or to “take a breath”, tomar un respiro). Please, don’t tell us that Caracas is the most violent city in the world: we know it. That’s why we try to find the beauty inside the chaos, everyday.

Vía @yoamocaracas

1. Hacienda La Trinidad Parque Cultural

It’s a safe place full of good ideas: you can participate in reading clubs or watch a movie in the gardens -free of charge-.

Hacienda La Trinidad Parque Cultural

Caracas, Venezuela

This is a space that mixes nature, art and history for recreational purposes. You can attend reading clubs or watch a movie in the gardens free of charge. A safe place full of good ideas.

2. Parque Nacional El Ávila

The equivalent of Central Park for Caracas, locals enjoy it by walking, cablecar or pleasant rides. All caraqueños love the Avila, and miss it when they live elsewhere.

Parque Nacional El Ávila

Caracas, Venezuela

The Avila National Park cross the whole city and that’s why you can enjoy it in different ways: walking, by car or cableway. It doesn’t matter you choose, you’re going to breathe fresh air and enjoy amazing views of the city. This is called the vegetal lung of Caracas

3. Casa Mendoza

When in Caracas, do as the caraqueños do: study history in the 1761 house, enjoy Venezuelan flavours in the Casa Veroes restaurant or simply take a nap in the gardens.

Casa Mendoza

Caracas, Venezuela

This beautiful house is located in the historical center of Caracas since 1761. Actually, is the center of history studies and has beautiful gardens where people spend the day reading or just taking a nap. Also, you can find the Casa Veroes restaurant with a delicious fusion of venezuelans flavors. #fine-dining #history

4. Jardines Ecológicos Topotepuy

The perfect place to play with your kids or go birdwatching.

Jardines Ecológicos Topotepuy

Caracas, Venezuela

If you want enjoy beautiful views of Caracas in the middle of gardens, this is the right place. It’s very quiet, perfect to play with the childrens. Also, you can take a little walk to learn about the variety of birds you can see there #playground #kidslearning #activekids

5. El Calvario (or Ezequiel Zamora Park)

Perfect for escaping the pandemonium of one of the busiest areas of Caracas, and yet get a good view of the downtown.

El Calvario

Caracas, Venezuela

Its real name is “Ezequiel Zamora park”, but is well known like El Calvario. It’s a beautiful park despite is located in one of the most noisy areas of the city. But there, all is very quiet and you can take a long walk among different gardens and sculptures. Also, you’ll have a good view to Caracas’ downtown #free #history #activekids

6. PDVSA La Estancia

Well known by caraqueños, this is where you go enjoy shows or exhibitions. When there are no special events, the old “hacienda” is another good green spot for a nap.

PDVSA La Estancia

Caracas, Venezuela

This is just a garden, but it’s very important to caraqueños because it’s like an escape from the routine and the noise. It’s located in an ancient hacienda and you can go to different activities like concerts or art exhibitions. If you want, is an excellent place to take a nap. #free #history #activekids

7. Museo de Bellas Artes

Together with the National Art Gallery and the Science Museum, it’s part of the Museums’ Square. Both the building and the fine art collection make Venezuelans proud.

Museo de Bellas Artes

Caracas, Venezuela

It’s the oldest museum of fine arts in Venezuela, designed by Carlos Raúl Villanueva in 1918 (one of the most important architects of the country) It has beautiful spaces, permanent and itinerant exhibitions and is near from the National Art Gallery and the Sciencie Museum in an area called Museums Square #free #gallery #history

8. Plaza Francia (also known as Plaza Altamira)

The Obelisk you see here is one of the city landmarks, with the Avila in the back. On special occasions, the spot has seen significant political demonstrations in recent Venezuelan history. The rest of the time, it remains a quiet place to admire sculptures and the work of Luis Roche as a town planner.

Plaza Francia

Caracas, Venezuela

It’s one of the most important squares of Caracas. We love the sculptures and the view of El Avila to the bottom of these buildings of architectural importance. It is a good place to start understanding the city.

9. Generalísimo Francisco de Miranda Park

A great location for running or practicing sports, it does need improvements in terms of crime prevention (sad but true). Locals still use this former “hacienda” for recreation often.

Generalísimo Francisco de Miranda Park

Caracas, Venezuela

It’s a recreational park located in the land of an ancient hacienda. It’s open every day from very early and is one of the favorite runners sites. It is normal to see parents playing with their children and young people and adults practicing different sports. It has lakes, animals and plenty of space. However, we must recognize that needs more security.

10. Paseo de los Proceres (honoring Venezuela’s National Heroes)

Artwork and palm trees, macaws and fountains… this spot has it all for a nice day out. Great to just go for a walk or exercise.

Paseo de los Próceres

Caracas, Venezuela

You’re going to love this place. It’s not only a complex of monuments to Venezuela’s national heroes, but also is surrounded by fountains, gardens, art pieces and palm trees. People go there to walk around for a while, doing exercises. A plus? You can see the macaws everywhere.

#free #history

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