This Surfer Uses SUP Boards to Access the Raddest Street Art Spot Ever

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by Morgane Croissant Jun 3, 2015

SUP board street art


Riding on top of his SUP board, the Hawaiian-native artist balances pots of acrylic paint and paddles to isolated places in Brooklyn where he can paint murals.

The murals are portraits of women who appear just above the tide, giving observers the impression that there is more to see below the surface.

“I choose places that look abandoned and lifeless. One of the exciting things about painting portraits is being able to bring life and emotion to objects and surfaces that were once without”, he explains to The Inertia. Yoro refuses to reveal the location of the murals.

Drawing inspiration from the island where he grew up, Yoro brings the ocean to the streets and the result is breathtaking.

See more of Yoro’s work on Instagram @the_hula.

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