TSA Not Totally Sure if Washington, DC Is in the US

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by Matt Hershberger Jul 24, 2014

Recently, a story was filed under the “Facepalms-hard-enough-to-cause-traumatic-brain-injuries” category: A Transportation Security Agency (TSA) agent in Orlando almost did not let a reporter on his flight because the reporter had a license that the TSA officer didn’t recognize — from the District of Columbia.

Americans with an elementary school education will remember that the District of Columbia, while not specifically a state, is the home of Washington, our nation’s capital, and is in fact the “DC” in “Washington, DC.”

For those of us who live in DC, this is a frustrating but not particularly new phenomenon. DC isn’t a state, so not only do we get taxed without representation in the nation’s Congress — literally the exact same reason the American Revolutionary War started — but we can also be legally denied booze in New Hampshire thanks to our “invalid” drivers licenses. Perhaps the worst crime of all.

The sad news here is that this isn’t unusual for TSA. The reporter who was stopped at the airport eventually did get through and spoke to a supervisor, and apparently this isn’t the first time it’s happened in Orlando. TSA won’t say how frequently it occurs, but they did try to stop another DC resident from boarding a flight in Phoenix just this February because DC is “not a state.”

So please, America. Let the District of Columbia become the state of Columbia. If for no other reasons than we don’t want to have to be sober in New Hampshire, and we never, for the love of God, want to be stranded in Orlando.

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