Photo: Roger Williams Park Zoo

You're Not a True Rhode Islander Until...

Rhode Island
by RI Problems Sep 6, 2016

1. You’ve given directions based off of landmarks that don’t exist any more.

2. You have a picture on the statue of the dog at Roger Williams Park Zoo.

3. You go to The Whiskey Republic the night before Thanksgiving and it feels like a high school reunion.

4. You order coffee milk at any chance you get.

5. You order iced coffee even if it is the middle of winter.

6. You’ve camped out for a spot to watch the Bristol 4th of July Parade.

7. The only thing you’ll drive across the state for is good calamari.

8. You’ve had at least one birthday party at United Skates of America.

9. Pizza strips are a food staple at any kind of family get-together.

10. You have to explain what Gaspee Days are to people outside of Rhode Island.

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