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12 Differences Between a Normal Mother and a Spanish Mother

by Ana Bulnes Apr 30, 2015
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A normal mother kindly lets you know it’s time for you to leave the nest…
A Spanish mother asks you why you’re in such a hurry.


A normal mother understands your hectic schedules…
A Spanish mother asks you whether you think her house is a hotel.


A normal mother trusts your ability to feed yourself when you live on your own…
A Spanish mother prepares a week’s worth of homemade meals in lunch boxes whenever you pay her a visit.


A normal mother explains to you why you shouldn’t use swear words…
A Spanish mother will threaten to “wash your mouth with soap” whenever you use them (even if you’re 40).


A normal mother turns your old room into a guest room when you get your own place…
A Spanish mother keeps your teen bedroom exactly as you left it in case you ever have to go back.


A normal mother is not scared of open windows…
A Spanish mother knows open windows create cold drafts which will undoubtedly give you pneumonia. Unless she’s airing out the house in the morning. In that case, you’re the weak one for feeling cold.


A normal mother is ok talking to you once a week now that you’re an adult…
A Spanish mother calls you every other day and tells you off for never calling.


A normal mother tells her young children to go to bed at 6:30 pm…
A Spanish mother lets them stay up late, playing and interacting with the rest of the family.


A normal mother understands you can’t be cold if she isn’t…
A Spanish mother always thinks you’re not wearing enough clothes.


A normal mother lets you drink your orange juice at your own pace…
A Spanish mother insists on you drinking it fast, so that it doesn’t lose its vitamins.


A normal mother can only see a blue sky when there is a blue sky…
A Spanish mother has superpowers and knows it’s going to rain (and is always right, especially if you decided to leave the umbrella at home).


A normal mother makes a normal Spanish tortilla (that is, if she makes it at all)…
A Spanish mother makes the best Spanish tortilla in the world.

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