1. You know all the Vancouver references from Superbad.
2. You’ve experienced the infamous bush party and it included bonfires, pick-up trucks, and blaring music.
3. You’ve stolen a goat from a friend’s farm and taken it to a house party.
4. You’ve squeezed through the fence and had bonfires under the Alex Fraser bridge by the water.
5. You’ve hitchhiked to Shambala Festival.
6. You’ve played outdoor beer pong at a cabin on the Island.
7. You’ve gotten hammered in the park off of 2L of Growers Cider, Mike’s Hard Lemonade, or a mickey of vodka mixed with pop.
8. You’ve had a Kokanee vs Molson Canadian rival between two local high schools.
9. You’ve torn off the ski-area padding around the towers on Whistler mountain and slid down them as a “toboggan” in the middle of the night.
10. You’ve hopped on your bikes with knapsacks full of jäger and would deke from cops on fireworks nights in downtown Van.
11. You’ve made pallet fires and had climbing races giv’n her in old pickups up a hill.
12. You’ve taken a dj, giant generator, and audio setup meant for a nightclub to 3rd beach or a forest and partied until sunrise.
13. You’ve partied with hundreds of others on the houseboats on Shuswap Lake over long weekends.
14. You’ve met at a secret location in the forest for a rave, only to see the party broken up by Mounties.
15. You had the cover band BC/DC play at your high school graduation party.
16. You would wear your toque, carry a 2-4 of beer, and bring anything that would burn for a trek deep into the woods near Cleveland Dam — all in the name of a hell of a good fire.
17. You’ve drunk a beer from your snowboarding boot in Whistler.
18. You’ve partied in “shit-kickers” at Merritt Music Festival.
19. As a rink rat you would get wasted outside of KIJKL hockey games.
20. You and your friends have drunk a round of shots from shot glasses glued to a ski.
21. You’ve experienced the floating hot tub at Christina Lake.
22. You’ve taped baggies of vodka to the inside of your hat or bra so you could sneak booze into music festivals.
23. You’ve got a “run” or “boot” outside a liquor store.
24. You’ve drank vodka shots from ice shot glasses in Whistler.
25. You’ve taken a road trip to “Cowtown” to party, because the legal drinking age in Alberta is 18 whereas British Columbia’s is 19.
26. You’ve gone to The Ozone, aka “the ho-zone,” in Surrey where $1 hi-balls, sticky carpets, flare bartending, bar games, and beer tubs RULED.
27. You’ve gone bar hopping with your buddies along the Vancouver seawall…on your bikes.
28. You’ve drunkenly stumbled home from Granville St. as the Vancouver Sun Run marathon began, and have had to practically swim up the street through the runners like a fish swimming upstream.