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6 Bands Crushing It in the Kootenays, BC

British Columbia Student Work
by Mike Cotton Nov 23, 2015

1. Drunk On Purpose

An old skool punk band, reminiscent of Rancid. Rocking the shit out of the Kootenays with their no-nonsense punk.

2. Shred Kelly

Self-styled folk-stoke from Fernie, BC. This crowd-pleasing five-piece is championed by CBC and loved for their energetic live shows. If any band defines the sound of the Kootenays, it’s Shred Kelly.

3. Good Ol’ Goats

A young folk band out of Cranbrook. Good ol’ Goats met in High School, and they could be the next big thing to break out of the Kootenays.

4. Lyndi Lush

Lyndi Lush mixes electronic and folksy charms to devastating effect. Straight out of Nelson, Lyndi Lush has been a regular winner at the Kootenay Music Awards.

5. The Burn Ins

A funky, folky style has the Kootenays swaying to this laid-back trio.

6. Lefy

Electronic dance music (EDM) is huge in the Kootenays; you only have to check out festivals such as FozzyFest and Shambhala to see the appeal. Music to dance your ass off. Lefy, a DJ from Invermere, is a mainstay of the genre.

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