9 Best Hangover Cures in London

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by Madelaine Triebe Nov 26, 2015

1. Patty and Bun — Smokey Robinson’s burger and chips with rosemary salt

Ari Gold Cheeseburger doing its sexy thing for the camera. Shameless. #burgers

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When your stomach could kill for the right amount of grease and deliciousness this juicy burger — perfectly cooked medium rare with crisp chips sprinkled with rosemary salt — is just what you need. Music is loud and the place has about nine tables with a kitchen bigger than the seating area, but don’t bother doing take away, you want to bite into that soft brioche bun and caramelised onion straight away.

2. Breakfast Club — avocado and poached egg on toast

A super Royale for a super Monday. Let’s do this, pals 👊

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Every hipsters favourite hangout place the day after an endless night drinking in Dalston Jazz Bar, so be prepared to queue on Rufus Street — we know you and your headache might wanna refrain from spending your precious minutes waiting, but stay strong and get yourself a table and order mashed avocado with poached egg on toast and a black coffee in a cute cup stating the obvious — I heart BC.

3. Hummingbird Café — blueberry pancake stack

No guilt, no shame, just #pancakes and #bananas #hummingbirdcafe

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When you can’t take the crowds of the city and just want to enjoy a local artisan café at its best, you get your behind to this kiwi-owned small café hidden on a side street off Uxbridge Road and order the Blueberry Pancake Stake. Staff is friendly and cheerful and although its packed with couples and friends having chats over flat whites you forget about all of this when you put a pancake slice dipped in vanilla yoghurt in your mouth.

4. Poncho 8 — burrito with barbacoa and extra peppers and guacamole

Serving some of London’s finest, softest and most stuffed burritos this is where you head when your stomach is screaming for some Mexican love after one too many tequilas the previous night. After you’ve taken your first bite, you’ll have weekly cravings for the soft white tortilla bread, those strings of tender beef and that guacamole which is the perfect combo of chunkiness, greeness, and perfectly soft avocados.

5. Hawksmoor — full English

Ah, the champion of British hangover decadence and god is the meat good. You deserve every single piece of this mish-mash of baked beans, black pudding, bacon, and fried eggs. Not to forget the sausages made of mutton, pork, and beef and the plum pudding bacon, which feel like heaven in your mouth. All of a sudden it doesn’t matter that you need to drag yourself all the way to Guildhall to get it. To top it off, order yourself a Bloody Mary No. 7 with horseradish-infused gin to quench your dehydrated state of mind (they make some of the best cocktails in town so why not?).

6. Byron Burger — Oreo cookie milkshake

We’ve shaken up our drinks menu: Caramel & Salted Pretzel Milkshake, new this week. #happycheesemas

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While all other people will go for the burgers with silly flags if they’re well done, forget about the mainstream and go straight for the £4.50 milkshake served in a massive tin mug. With its perfectly thick and creamy texture and bits of divine Oreo love, it’s comfort for the soul on a rough day. Expect it to fill both your stomach and hangover cravings until nightfall.

7. Ping Pong — lazy Sundays (prawn and chive dumplings)

There’s more to hangover food in London than grease and sugar, so get yourself some steamed dumplings to munch on and feed your soul with little parcels of joy. The alcohol from the night before has dug a dent in your stomach and as Lazy Sundays at Ping Pong means all you can eat, you can just keep those steaming prawn and chive dumplings served in bamboo baskets coming. Order a glass of tea with a blossoming jasmine flower at the bottom and your hangover cure is complete.

8. Princess Victoria — triple-cooked chips

60 day rib eye steak is back on the menu! Aged to perfection by Matt #foodporn #steak #lovefoodgivefood

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Don’t care about what to get, just go straight for the sides. You don’t know it yet, but it’s actually the triple cooked chips you’re after – they are going to be the best you’ve ever tried. Their chunkiness yet crispy exterior is a remedy sent from above and together with a glass of the Boutinot “Les Coteaux” your intoxicated body doesn’t need, they’re irresistible. Extra plus for the friendly and eccentrically charming waitress in patterned shirt.

9. Franco Manca — pizza with cured chorizo and mozzarella

Tomato, Mozz, Wild Pig Capocollo, Parmigiano & Watercress. #MeatSpecial #eastdulwich

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Say cheese. There’s nothing better to cure a hangover than with some melted mozzarella and chorizo on top of a fluffy sourdough base baked in a wood-burning brick oven from Naples. Try to get here fairly early or late in the afternoon if you want to avoid the hustle and bustle. Or just take it home and crawl up in bed.

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