Carnaval Highlights From Montevideo, Uruguay

by Dominic DeGrazier Feb 28, 2009

In the last dispatch in our series about Carnaval celebrations around South America, regular contributor Dominic DeGrazier shares his favorite photographs from Carnaval in Uruguay.

If you speak with a Uruguayan long enough, you will most likely hear one or more of the following comments: the first World Cup was played here in 1930; Carlos Gardel (the revered tango singer) was born here; and for approximately 40 days Uruguay entertains the world’s longest Carnaval celebration. It’s a mix of parades, nightly shows, and more in Montevideo and a few of the beach towns on the Atlantic coast.

Here are some of my favorite photos from the 2009 Carnaval:

Parades showcase “murga” artists, each decorated with their own theme. The murgas sing, dance, and act their way down the street. This murga has stopped for a moment to adjust his hat.

Two female clowns roll by, crowds cheering them on in the background.

One group dressed and performed as disco dancers.

The 2009 Queens of Carnaval stand on their float, waving to the crowd.

A candombe musical group beats its drums and shares a smile with the crowd.

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